Shadwen – Beta Demo (Steam)


Shadwen is a very cool stealth action game that plays like a mix between SUPERHOT and Thief, with you sneaking and assassinating your way through a world where time only moves when you do.

In development by the creators of Trine, Shadwen puts you in the shoes of an assassin on a quest to kill the king. While on this quest you encounter … Read More

A Not Very Well Written Book – Game Jam Build Download

a not very well written book

A Not Very Well Written Book, a game created by SeniorX for the Global Game Jam 2016, is a tricky puzzle based game that involves you having to analyse a monsters appearance and them dispatch them with a special book of magic.

A Not Very Well Written Book tests your observation and analysis skills as you identify and dispatch a variety of monsters before … Read More

Replaced – Alpha Demo


Replaced is a gorgeous looking Unreal Engine-powered first person puzzle platformer that see’s you using a teleportation gun to escape a mysterious alien temple.

You play as Leika Antaris, a female astronaut who has crash-landed on an alien planet and must figure out a way to escape by utilizing the strange alien technology. Early on you pick up a very nifty teleportation gun, that allows … Read More

Swallow – Game Jam Build Download


Swallow, a short, slightly unsettling game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, shows the importance of following your daily routine.

Most people tend to stick to a ritual-like morning routine. Each day, you wake up and do the same things; brush your teeth, put on a pot of coffee, take your pills, take a shower, and drinking your coffee. Each day these tasks … Read More