Venti Mesi – Game Jam Build Download

Venti Mesi

Venti Mesi, a beautiful interactive narrative made for the Game Jolt Fest, has you exploring 20 stories  about the Itallian resistance and Liberation during World War II.

This powerful war story shows you twenty different stories (told across 20 months) based on actual World War II events in the Milan metropolitan area. All of these different stories contain different points of view on Italy’s … Read More

Readapt – Alpha Demo


Readapt is a very cool local multiplayer (or single player vs bots) arena shooter in which all the modifiers (weapons, abilities, level layout, movement, controls and objectives) are randomly assigned every round, making for a fun competitive shooter that never gets old.

Rounds in Readapt are fast, fun and pretty frantic, with you getting a short test period of a few seconds to figure out … Read More

Mechanical Feelings – Game Jam Build Download

Mechanical feelings game

Mechanical Feelings is a funny and cleverly designed game set in the year 4022, that sees you using a Historitech™ program and their patented ‘Board of Keys Interface™’ to experience first hand what it was like to live back in the year 2016.

Played almost entirely by swiping the keys on your keyboard in different directions (as they did back 2016, with their primitive, fledgling … Read More

The Big Elk – Alpha Demo

the big elk

The Big Elk, a game being created by anatoliy, is a beautifully designed and wonderfully quirky top down shooter that takes place in a tiny forest that you call home.

You play as an elk, who on his way home from school had noticed a catastrophic event. Evil has invaded his homeland and now it’s up to him to take back his forest before … Read More

Lantern Bearer – Game Jam Build Download

Lantern Bearer

Lantern Bearer, a challenging, well polished game made for the My First Game Jam, is a Meat Boy-esque platformer in which you play a cute little bear attempting to escape a deep well.

This charming little game, inspired by 1001 Spikes and Super Meat Boy starts with two bears who sitting on a well, when all of a sudden, a snake popped out … Read More