Pulse – Game Jam build Download


Pulse is a short, beautiful, and tranquil game created for Global Game Jam, in which you explore and make friends in a primordial soup.

The dev wants players to discover how to play Pulse by themselves, as that’s a large part of the fun as you explore and experiment with the game.  You play entirely using a mouse (or trackpad) and is a wonderfully Zen-like … Read More

KByte – Alpha Demo


KByte is a fabulous homage to retro games, in which you can play a variety of retro games, themed around different consoles – from the ZX Spectrum to the Super Nintendo.

In the game, you control KByte, a creature who dons various suits to allow him to take on various challenges.  These challenges come in the form of differently themed retro games, playable on different … Read More

Loop The Loop – Student Project Download

loop the loop

Loop The Loop is a wonderful first person audio/visual experience in which you traverse a strange dreamlike world, full of impossible architecture and surreal beauty.

There are themes war throughout Loop The Loop, with you starting next to a crashed fighter plane, and exploring a surreal world, full of structures and sounds that are reminiscent of the WWII-era.  There are many strange and wondrous … Read More

Sushido – Game Jam Build Download


Sushido, a charming, unique fishing game made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, has you catching and chopping fish for sushi.

You play as a cat, who spends their day catching fish and chopping sushi. You must avoid rocks and catch fish on your fishing line, which make move your boat forwards. As you collect more fish, the weight on your line increases. Once … Read More

CMYW – Alpha Demo

CMYW game

CMYW is a fun one to four player Asteroids-esque survival co-op space shooter in which you must blast asteroids, gather resources and defend your portal against increasingly deadly waves of enemies.

With it’s stylish vector based visuals and simple arcade blasting control scheme, CMYW really does harken back to the golden days of the arcade space shooter.  Playable with one to four players (the … Read More