Ember Strike – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

ember strike steam

Ember Strike is an addictive blend of Pokemon and Bejeweled-style tile swapping in which players build a team of minions and do battle in fast paced duels packed with vibrant visuals and skill based minigames.

At it’s core Ember Strike is a Bejeweled-style tile swapping game in which players must match lines of symbols to rack up points. It isn’t necessary the player … Read More

Xeno Crisis – Game Jam Build Download

xeno crisis

Xeno Crisis, an infinite Megaman-like made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you upgrading your arsenal and defeating Xenos before the plague spreads to the rest of the Galaxy.

You have been sent to a nearby moon in order to exterminate the Xenos before they spread. You only have a weak gun to defend yourself against these dark monsters. As you drop into … Read More

Wood For The Trees – Game Jam Build Download

wood for the trees

Wood For The Trees is a very cleverly designed first person puzzle adventure game, in which you can dramatically alter the game worlds infinitely looping areas as you uncover an emotional tale of the loss of a loved one.

Wood for the Trees starts out in stylish, low resolution pathway in a forest. Due to the clever, infinitely looping game design, you can walk down … Read More