Fan Fright! – Game Jam Build Download

fan fright game

Fan Fright! is a fun little first person shooter in which you play as adorable voxel-based versions of Pewdiepie, Markiplier or Jacksepticeye, battling crazed fans and attempting to gain the most YouTube subscribers.

Created for the Indies Vs Gamers Game Jam, gameplay in Fan Fright! is simple but fun.  After being randomly assigned a popular YouTuber you roam around your house, picking up weapons, ammo … Read More

RFLEX – Beta Demo


RFLEX is a fast-paced arcade dodge-em-up in which you must attempt to avoid increasingly challenging waves of rectangles, whilst listening to an excellent audio soundtrack.

Featuring the type of twitch based gameplay that made Super Hexagon so infuriating and addictive, RFLEX is another super cool minimalist arcade-style game in which there is absolutely no room for error.  If you panic or hesitate for a second … Read More

Dérive – Student Project Download


Dérive is a beautiful first person exploration game in which you drift around, exploring a land that’s rich in history.

There’s not anything to interact with in Dérive, making it more of an experience than a game as you explore it’s beautifully crafted world.  There’s a lot to discover as you explore alcoves and ancient structures, all accompanied by a wonderful adaptive soundtrack.

The … Read More

The Glitcher – Alpha Download

the glitcher

The Glitcher is a very cool first person puzzle platformer in which the world can rotate in an instant, making walls into floors and floors into ceilings.

Your goal in each level is simple – reach the exit.  Getting to the exit requires some precision platforming, mind-bending gravity flipping and an ability to think outside the box.  The game doesn’t spell out the exact route … Read More

Angry Arrows – Alpha Demo

Angry Arrows

Angry Arrows is a super tough blend of Metal Gear Solid and Titan Souls in which one to four players storm enemy strongholds armed only with bow and arrows.

The controls and combat in Angry Arrows is pretty similar to Titan Souls, with you able to use evasive rolls and fire arrows (but you’re not just limited to one arrow).  Where the game differs is … Read More