Return Of The Obra Dinn – Alpha Demo

return of the obra din download

Return Of The Obra Dinn is an elegant mystery game from Locas Pope, the creator of the indie hit Papers, Please, in which you’ll investigate the deaths of the passengers and crew aboard the Obra Dinn, using a mysterious pocket watch to relive the moments before their demise.

We previously covered a very early build of Return of the Obra Dinn a year and a Read More

Somnus – Student Project Download


Somnus is a breathtakingly beautiful 3rd person puzzle adventure in which you solve perspective-based illusions by lining up shots with your camera, whilst exploring a fantastical Alice in Wonderland-esque dreamscape.

Created by some very talented students at the DigiPen Institute, in Somnus you take a little girl on a spectacle-filled adventure as she attempts to track down her two missing toys. There are a … Read More

The Souls of Yore – Alpha Download

The Souls of Yore game

The Souls of Yore is a very promising 2D top-down action adventure game in which you play as a mysterious hooded adventurer who roams the land, batting enemies and collecting new abilities and weaponry.

Visually and gameplay-wise, The Souls of Yore is a little reminiscent of Hyper Light Drifter (which is no bad thing).  You roam the land, battling a variety of enemies, amassing cool new abilities and weaponry, allowing … Read More

The Snow Must Go – Game Jam Build Download

the snow must go

The Snow Must Go is a short, funny, and very pretty first person platforming adventure set in the year 8016AD, in which you play a hermit who lives on a fragment of what was Earth, who must go and shout at the sun to bring spring time to his little land!

The Snow Must Go takes place in the distant future, where the earth has … Read More