Gone – Game Jam Build Download


Gone, a game made for the MiniLD #56, is a challenging but fun puzzle game with a bit of an interesting twist.

This game, which is heavily inspired by the DOS game Paganitzu, puts you in control of a mysterious robot. This robot is pushing around boxes and spheres to make it to the exit of some sort of factory. Some exits may … Read More

Blopathon – Game Jam Build


IndieQuilt Jam entry Blopathon by Pixel Spill Games brings platform-jumping and target-strategy together in this beat-it-in-30-seconds title.

Players assume the role of a blob (blop?) and jump from floating platform to floating platform in an attempt to collect all of the totems on each level. The difficulty may be changed on the slider at the beginning of each round, and the player takes aim with the … Read More

Bad Ass Babes – Alpha Demo

bad ass babes game

Bad Ass Babes is a B-movie inspired old school side scrolling beat-em up featuring scantily clad digitised strippers fighting against shuffling, drooling brain-dead men to fend of an alien invasion.

Based on the Beats of Rage engine, Bad Ass Babes uses the same digitising techniques that were used in the original Mortal Kombat games to capture the likenesses of the ass-kicking exotic dancers and import … Read More

Retrograde – Beta Demo

retrograde game 1

Retrograde is an inventive first person puzzler, in which you defy the laws of physics and gravity to recover lost memories of amnesia patients.

Being a sci-fi first person puzzler, there are obvious comparisons to Portal, but to label Retrograde a Portal copycat would do it a terrible disservice. Retrograde brings plenty of it’s own ideas to the table, with innovative gravity based puzzles … Read More