Spinning Around – Game Jam Build Download

Spinning Around

Spinning Around, a revolving platformer made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you solving puzzles and climbing a tower to save a robot princess.

In this 3D puzzle game, you are a simple robot looking to save his love. Your robot princess is trapped in a circular staircase much like your own, only it is very short, not able to reach the top. As … Read More

SNOW – Open Beta (Steam)


SNOW os a great looking new open world winter sports game in which you can ski, snowboard and snowmobile your way down a massive mountain, competing in events and riding with friends.

We first covered SNOW a last year when it was in Closed Beta, and and a lot of improvements have been implemented since then.  You can customize your character with a varied selection … Read More

LucyDity – Student Project Download


LucyDity, a student project created by Thugganauts, is an impressive story driven puzzle platformer that is not only visually pleasing, but gives you a feeling of tranquillity as you play.

You play as Lucy, a woman that is trying to escape Limbo after a horrific car crash that leaves her in a coma. You have very little memory of who you are, what has … Read More