Crawlers – Prototype Download


Crawlers is a cool multiplayer combat game that let’s players fully customize their war-machines with a wide selection of weaponry then duke it out in multiplayer arena combat.

Kitting your 6 legged mech out with a fearsome loadout is easy – you simply drag and drop weaponry to the desired location on your machine.  Each player starts with a bare crawler and a set amount … Read More

Deep Waters – Game Jam Build Download

deep waters

Deep Waters is a cool silhouetted pixel art action roguelike made for Global Game Jam 15 that sees you descending deeper and deeper into the caverns under your hometown to fight off an invading alien menace.

As you descend into the depths you’ll use a wide variety of weaponry to blast away a wide array of freaky enemies, all spawned from a massive mother monster … Read More

Alpha Version.0 – Alpha Demo

alpha version.0

Look out Megaman, here comes Megawoman! Alpha Version.0 is an excellent retro jump’n shoot action platformer being created by two die-hard fans of the Blue Bomber – after being continually disappointed by cancelled Megaman games.

As you’d expect, gameplay is fairly similar to the classic Megaman games , with the action focused on jumping and shooting.  As well as your blaster and the ability to … Read More

Planeter – Prototype Download


Planeter is a beautiful pixel art game that allows you to build your own little universe, full of vibrant colors and populated by cute little alien creatures.

It really is very early in development, so there’s not a whole lot to the gameplay at the moment, you simply have to pick up fuel cells and bring them to the planet creating machines that are located … Read More

Albert and Otto – Alpha Demo

albert and otto

Albert and Otto is a beautiful cinematic platformer, packed with inventive physics based puzzles, that follows a boy and his magic red bunny who appears to be on a quest to save his love, but turns out to be something a whole lot darker.

Being a silhouetted puzzle platformer that sees you controlling a young boy in a treacherous world, comparisons to Limbo are easily … Read More