Rise Of Incarnates – Open Beta (Steam)

Rise of incarnates

Rise Of Incarnates, the impressive looking super powered 2 on 2 combat game from Bandai Namco (Tekken & Soul Calibur), which we first mentioned last year, is now in Open Beta on Steam.

Players can take control of various super powered ‘Incarnates’ and do battle across half-destroyed versions of real-world city-scapes such as New York and Paris.  The combat is a mixture … Read More

Discoverie – GameJam Build Download


Discoverie, a game made for the 7 day FPS, will take you on a journey through a stunning, mysterious land.

This game is procedurally generated, so each time you play, the game will be different. Each dungeon is also infinite, so the exploration never ends. You start off in a room, beautiful music plays in the background setting the tone of the game to … Read More

Pavel Quest – Beta Download

pavel quest game

Pavel Quest is a fast paced and well designed single button puzzle platformer that see’s you using precision timing to survive and escape a labyrinthine Castlevania-style castle.

The premise of Pavel Quest is fairly simple – your character is constantly running, you simply have to press a button to make him jump.  Ever since Canabalt, there has been no shortage of games where … Read More

Kanyon Bird – Game Jam Build Download

kanyon bird

Birds have a lot to answer for – not only do make a lot of noise and crap on your newly washed car, they also have a knack of featuring in ridiculously frustrating, yet highly addictive video games.  The latest of these is Kanyon Bird – a QWOP-esque bird sim in which you control each wing independently as you swoop (and usually splat) your way … Read More

Opoid – Game Jam Build Download


Opoid is a short and surreal game built for the Global Game Jam that tasks you with exploring beautiful two-tone landscapes to find glowing glyphs.

Taking around 20 minutes to complete, the gameplay of Opoid isn’t much to write home about, you simply explore different themed areas of the world, while hunting down glyphs which open up the next set of levels.  Touch anything on … Read More