Relay – Game Jam Build Download

relay game

Relay is a simple, little Morse code game built for Ludum Dare 34 that retells the famous ceasefire of Christmas Day, 1914.

You play as a British telegraph technician relaying the status of your troops to your higher-ups. In order to operate the telegraph, you will be provided with a sheet of paper translating each letter into Morse and you will need to send dots … Read More

Dual Gear – Pre-Alpha Download

Dual Gear Game

Dual Gear is a ridiculously cool turn-based combat game in which players pilot huge Anime-inspired mechs, striking badass poses and blasting enemies with satisfyingly OTT weaponry.

Playing like a mix between X-Com and Gundam, players pilot their mech in real time from a third person view, requiring skill but also requiring management of Action Points and Generator Output. Enemies will attack you while you … Read More