Dandelion – Game Jam Build Download


Dandelion, a colorful, relaxing, abstract game made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you floating around collecting pieces of sparkle.

You play as Dande, a lion of space and time sent to relume dead plants. There are some dead flower bulbs dotted around this strange world. You can launch yourself off of these bulbs and float around to collect different colored sparkle. These sparkles … Read More

Star Crusade CCG – Open Beta (Steam)

Star Crusade

Star Crusade CCG, a game being created by Xim Inc., is an Early Access digital collectible card game (or CCG) that aims to take Sci-Fi CCG genre to the next level.

The game handles much like hearthstone, but set in the darkest reaches of space. A star gate has opened and a new threat approaches your homeland. With your tactical knowledge of modern warfare … Read More

Canveus – Game Jam Build Download


Canveus is a Myst-esque, first-person puzzle game built for MystJam where you must solve a series logic puzzles in order to restore color to the drained, lifeless sky.

Canveus is an extremely polished and elegant-looking game. Both the choice of texture and its simplistic color palette complement the game’s themes beautifully. The machinery of the world feels meticulously designed, with cogs whirring and lights … Read More

Flippfly Prototype Showdown: Round 2

Flipfly Prototype showdown 2

The new year is well underway and like clockwork, Flippfly has launched the second round of their Prototype Showdown. Flippfly’s Prototype Showdown is a chance for their development team to get some feedback on game prototypes they have in the development pipeline. Back in December of 2015, we covered the first round of the Prototype Showdown, the winner of which was Taxicopter, a … Read More