Codename CURE – Beta Download (Steam)

codename cure

Codename CURE is a fun fast paced co-op zombie shooter in a Similar vein as CoD: Zombies or Left 4 Dead, in which you play a squad of special military operatives on objective-based missions to infiltrate and blow up zombie infection epicentres.

Although the graphics work well enough, Codename CURE isn’t going to win any awards for it’s visuals.  The main draw is the … Read More

Langley – Game Jam Build


Langley, a short point and click made for the WAG challenge, is a touching and troubling game about a man captured for “the good of the United States.”

Its just an average day at work for Edward. There is a war going on, but it feels like a war has always gone on. There is some happiness in the day, it is your daughter’s … Read More

Sharpshooter – Game Jam Build Download


Sharpshooter is a great single screen pixel art arcade shooter with roguelike elements, in which you play a play an archer taking on hordes of monsters, grabbing stackable upgrades as you go.

Created for the Indies Vs Gamers Jam, you battle increasingly challenging waves of enemies and grab upgrades from random treasure chest drops.  These treasure chests contain two random upgrades which you can choose … Read More

Satellite Rush – Alpha Demo

satelite rush

Satellite Rush is a fun top down roguelike dual-stick shooter peppered with Douglas Adams-esque humor and features gameplay inspired by Binding of Isaac and Smash TV.

You play a humble office worker who has been abducted by aliens and forced into a Smash TV-esque gameshow, where you must fight your way through challenging randomly generated kill rooms that form a huge corridor.  As this … Read More