Rides With Strangers – Alpha Demo

rides with strangers

Rides With Strangers is an unsettling, first-person horror game that takes the killer combination of multitasking and jump scares as popularized by the Five Night’s At Freddy series and twists it to match a new creepy scenario: hitchhiking.

In Rides With Strangers, you play as a young woman named Elora as she heads out on her first major job interview after graduation. Her new … Read More

Ira – Pre-Alpha Demo


Ira is a gorgeous, sci-fi point-&-click adventure game that follows the story of the titular Ira who, in his pursuit of a life beyond the brutality of the Martian mines, finds himself the sole survivor of a horrific interstellar accident.

The demo for Ira follows a young Ira as he grapples with his father’s impending departure and his mother’s declining health. The game is thus … Read More

Psychra – Game Jam Build Download

forrest game

Psychra, a game created by Noah Ratcliff and Aidan Markham for Ludum Dare 34 , is a relaxing, polygon based growth simulator that sees you picking up orbs to make the earth evolve and bloom around you.

All you are is a simple angular floating object that must gather the orbs in front of you in a barren land. Before long life begins to … Read More

Run Far – Prototype Download

Run Far

Run Far is a fun first person action game, that blends Mirrors Edge-style parkour with fast, colourful arcade gameplay inspired by Jet Set Radio and the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series.

You play Marina – a parkour enthusiast who needs to travel on the city’s transit system but don’t have enough money – but luckily there’s plenty of cash hidden around the level just … Read More

33grams – Game Jam Build Download

33 Grams

33grams is an eerie experimental game built in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 34 where you must guide an eclipse of silk moths out of the confines of a deadly silk factory.

33grams has a one button control scheme that would work marvellously on mobile devices. You simply click to guide your moths across the map, collecting small cocooned moths as you make your way … Read More