Hull BreacH – Alpha Demo

Hull BreacH Game

Hull BreacH, a game currently being created by We Are Bots, is a 3D First Person Sci Fi Survival Game where you play as the last surviving member of a crashed space shuttle.

Being the only one left alive on board The Wanderer IV, it is your mission to survive until the possibility of rescue arrives. Not only will you have to maintain your … Read More

Cybernetic Ghost Symphony – Game Jam Build Download

Cybernetic Ghost Symphony

Cybernetic Ghost Symphony, a short and funny 4th wall breaking text based game made for the 2015 Loading Screen Jam, has you attempting to form some sort of meaningful communion with a game.

At first, this game brings you to a loading screen. This screen looks pretty basic; with tips for playing the game as well as a cute loading symbol in the corner … Read More

STRACO – Beta Download


STRACO, a game created by Pyric, is a 2D twin stick shooter tower defence hybrid in which you play a soldier who can pilot a variety of vehicles – from helicopters to massive heavily weaponized mechs.

visually STRACO is absolutely gorgeous. It has a feel of Playstation One games like Reloaded with its top down still. The tower defence elements really give you a … Read More