Blast Brawl 2 – Alpha Demo

Blast-Brawl-2 game

Blast Brawl 2, created by Mindseye Games, is a fun, fast paced local co-op (and single player) action brawler that shuns long-winded button mashing, over bearing combos and super moves in favor of  high stakes one-hit-kills and lots and lots of blood (particles).

This current Alpha demo gives you access to three different classes, all of which have varying styles of combat skills. The … Read More

Every City Is The Same – Game Jam Build Download

every city is the same

Every City Is The Same is a short, introspective game built for the LocusJam that explores the concepts of dissatisfaction and romanticization of the past through the lens of an empty apartment.

In Every City Is The Same, you have no goals, no mission, no explicit win state. All there is to do is to explore your surroundings, which take the form of … Read More

3:LLIS – Protocol : Protect Plant Life – Game Jam Build


3:LLIS – Protocol : Protect Plant Life is a post-apocalyptic 2D platforming adventure game built for Ludum Dare 34 where you play as a gardening robot trying to save the last plant on earth.

In the distant future, all organic life on Earth has been eradicated by a robot uprising. 3:LLIS, a simple, outdated gardening model, somehow missed the memo. You control 3:LLIS as it … Read More