Winning Putt – Open Beta

Winning-Putt game

Winning Putt is an impressive looking new massively multiplayer golfing game from Bandai Namco, previously only mysteriously known as Project New Sky, that allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual world, full of golfing goodness.

As well as offering a variety of golf courses, nice visuals, character customisation and equipment upgrades as found in most golf games, Winning Putt also implements some innovative MMO-esque systems, … Read More

Rebuild/Resist – Game Jame Build Download


Rebuild/Resist, a game created by Studio Miniboss for the Ludum Dare 34 Challenge, is an extremely difficult 2D tower defense game where you must protect yourself and structures from the evil that resonates in the lands around you.

You play as a lone survivor, trying to survive each horrid night by constructing yourself a beacon to be saved. The problem is the monsters of … Read More

Parse The Sky – Game Jam Build Download

parse the sky

Parse The Sky is a beautiful yet simplistic, low-poly flight simulator built during the Ludum Dare 34 game jam.

As you glide around Parse The Sky’s serene skyscape, you’ll be tasked with collecting a series of ever-growing, slightly glowing orbs. Immediately upon loading up the game, we were struck by Parse The Sky‘s fantastic art direction. The use of color in the game … Read More

Duo – Game Jam Build Download


Duo is a slick, two(ish)-button puzzle-platformer built for Ludum Dare 34 that uses a neat combination of rolling and stacking mechanics to help you bypass simple obstacles.

In Duo, you’ll transform between a rolling circle and stackable square to climb across platforms, launch yourself across gaps, and avoid a spiky death. Duo’s presentation is refined and vivid, employing liberal use of contrasting colors … Read More