Legends of Pixelia – Early Access Key Giveaway (Steam)

legends of pixelia

Legends of Pixelia is an awesome retro roguelike-like RPG that we first covered back in February, reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac but with more strategic combat, multiplayer and persistent upgrades.

This is no brainless hack and slash dungeon crawler.   Enemies are tough, and as in Dark Souls – even the smallest minion can kill you if you take your eye off the ball.  … Read More

U-Boats – Beta Download


U-Boats is a great submarine game that pits you in exciting top-down naval battles, as you combine submersible stealth with torpedo firing action to sink ships and turn the tide of war.

The top down gameplay and easily accessible nature of U-Boats makes it feel a little like a Micro Machines version of a submarine sim.  Your U-boat is small and fairly fragile, but also … Read More

Bad Onion – Prototype Download

Bad Onion

Bad Onion, a brutally funny game made for the Let’s Cook Jam, see’s you playing an onion carrying out a variety of heists with your banana friend, making choices that affect how smoothly the heist goes and how much blood is spilled.

You and your banana buddy have turned to a life of crime – robbing stores and double crossing drug dealers, in … Read More

Of Guards And Thieves – Early Access Key Giveaway (Steam)

Of Guards and Thieves

Of Guards And Thieves is a great asymmetric multiplayer stealth action game we first covered last year, in which stealthy thieves face off against powerful guards across a variety of game modes.

The main gameplay mode in the game is ‘Guards and Thieves’ in which Guards have to guard a variety of objects scattered across the map, with only one being the real target … Read More

Soopa Vs The Universal Conquest Bagel – Game Jam Build Download

soopa vs

Soopa vs the Universal Conquest Bagel, an action platformer made for the Universal Conquest Bagel Jam, needs you to save the small country of Derpensnaans from evil, oversized bagels!

An enormous space-bagel full of power has targeted a little restaurant in this small town. This bagel was able to fire a beam of energy into the restaurant, causing all the food to turn evil … Read More