Good Morning Drifter – Game Jam Build

Good Morning Drifter is a charming narrative driven experience in which you chat to friends, eat pears and watch races between members of your amateur ladies Saturday morning race club.

It’s Saturday morning, which means it’s time for your weekly amateur racing club to meet up at the local car park and do some racing. Unfortunately your car is getting fixed at the moment so … Read More

ACCEL – Student Project Game

ACCEL is a reflex testing futuristic high-score chasing tunnel runner that sees you manoeuvring a spaceship through three super-tough levels.

In ACCEL you take on the role of a rebel human consciousness who is attempting to escape from a supercomputer that humanity has uploaded their collective consciousness to. What this means for you is that you have to pilot your way through three futuristic levels, … Read More

Fuel Renegades – Beta Download

Fuel Renegades is a fast paced WipEout-esque futuristic antigrav racing game with a focus on boosting, trailing and using Mario Kart-style powerslides.

In Fuel Renegades you race a selection of anti-gravity racers around a variety of neon-filled futuristic tracks in online multiplayer, local split-screen multiplayer, championships and custom races. There are no weapons and you can’t blow up your vehicle, but you can … Read More