XF Extreme Formula – Beta Demo

XF Extreme Formula is a slick and speedy futuristic racer that aims to be a spiritual successor to the F-Zero games.

The gameplay in XF Extreme Formula is pretty much the same as F-Zero – you use futuristic hovercraft to compete in high speed gravity-defying races. The demo features a selection of different tracks and a variety of familiar shaped hovercraft. Tracks also include boost … Read More

Rubber – Student Game Download

Rubber is a Crazy Taxi inspired open world driving game where you drive a taxi cab in a futuristic city of robots.

Created by a group of students from L’ESMA, Rubber is essentially Crazy Taxi in a city of robots. The gameplay is pretty similar to SEGA’s classic, with you picking up and dropping off your robotic customers as fast as possible before your time … Read More

Night Run – Open Beta

Night Run is a motorbike driving game where you speed through a futuristic neon-filled city with 2048 procedurally generated routes.

In Night Run you simply hop on a motorbike and go for a ride through a vast procedurally generated city at night time. The only goal is to last as long as possible and rack up lots of points before you crash. There are online … Read More

Laika: Aged Through Blood – Beta Demo

Laika: Aged Through Blood is a beautiful and brutal 2D motorvania where a coyote warrior rides a motorbike and fights back against an oppressive force.

The post-apocalyptic world of Laika: Aged Through Blood feels like a blend of Mad Max and a classic Western movies. You’re a coyote mother who lives with a small community in the wastelands of a land oppressed by an army … Read More