ACCEL – Student Project Game

ACCEL is a reflex testing futuristic high-score chasing tunnel runner that sees you manoeuvring a spaceship through three super-tough levels.

In ACCEL you take on the role of a rebel human consciousness who is attempting to escape from a supercomputer that humanity has uploaded their collective consciousness to. What this means for you is that you have to pilot your way through three futuristic levels, … Read More

Fuel Renegades – Beta Download

Fuel Renegades is a fast paced WipEout-esque futuristic antigrav racing game with a focus on boosting, trailing and using Mario Kart-style powerslides.

In Fuel Renegades you race a selection of anti-gravity racers around a variety of neon-filled futuristic tracks in online multiplayer, local split-screen multiplayer, championships and custom races. There are no weapons and you can’t blow up your vehicle, but you can … Read More