Fractal Sailor – Tech Demo

Fractal Sailor is an atmospheric horror game where you pilot a ship through a shifting fractal sea that;s home to a giant eldritch monster.

In Fractal Sailor you are a ship captain whose job is to refuel and reactivate the various stations that mine rare resources from the fractal sea. You can sail around in any direction (including vertically), and you use a radar pulse … Read More

What The Car? – Beta Sign Up

What The Car? Is a thoroughly ridiculous physics-based driving game starring cars with legs, cars that can snowboard, cars that can swim and many more absurd automobiles.

Previously released on iOS by Triband (creators of What The Golf?) What The Car? is a driving game that stars a large roster of ridiculous vehicles and tracks. During the course of the game your car might … Read More

#DRIVE Rally – Beta Demo

#DRIVE Rally is a stylish 90’s inspired arcade rally racing game where you speed through vibrant race tracks with a copilot who sounds a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The visual style and 90’s rallying of #DRIVE Rally is a little similar to Art of Rally, but it controls more like a traditional Colin McRae/V-Rally-esque rally racing game. The demo is pretty impressive, with … Read More

Pacific Drive – Beta Demo

Pacific Drive is a supernatural Sci-Fi survival game where you drive a station wagon around an exclusion zone filled with paranormal anomalies.

In Pacific Drive you are driving near an exclusion zone one day when a portal opens up and you’re sucked into an alternate reality, filled with strange paranormal occurrences. Thankfully you come across an old station wagon that should help you get around. … Read More