Late for Love – Game Jam Build

Late for Love, a narrative driven driving dating game made for the Ludum Dare 41, has you trying to reconnect with old friend as you drive to their wedding.

A childhood friend of yours is getting married today. You’ve reconnected after a long time apart and now are driving her off to her wedding. It has been ages since you both last connected – … Read More

ONRUSH – Open Beta (PS4 & Xbox One)

ONRUSH is an extreme off-road arcade racing game from Codemasters and the team behind Motorstorm full of big air, crazy speeds and vehicular carnage.

Coming to PS4 and Xbox One, ONRUSH is s Motorstorm game in all but name. When Sony shut down Evolution Studios (creators of the Motorstorm games) in 2016, Codemasters hired the devs and put them to work on ONRUSH. The … Read More

Stay Safe – Beta Demo

Stay Safe is a super tough die n’ retry racing platformer that sees you attempting to pilot a futuristic anti-gravity racer through fiendishly designed tracks at breakneck speeds.

We first featured Stay Safe on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it was called TUBE and were very impressed with its fusion of futuristic racing and rage-quit platforming. As well as a name change, Stay SafeRead More