Victory Heat Rally – Alpha Download

Victory Heat Rally is a very cool little retro styled sprite-based racing game inspired by Sega’s classic Super Scaler Arcade games.

Victory Heat Rally draws inspiration from Sega’s iconic Super Scaler engine, wich used three dimensional sprite scaling to give the illusion of 3D in a variety of classic arcade games from the mid 80-s to the mid 90’s – including OutRun, After Burner and … Read More

Super Retro Chase – Game Jam Build Download

Super Retro Chase is an addictive little vaporwave styled racing game where you race a supercar between checkpoints and drive around them while avoiding the police.

In Super Retro Chase you control a dinky little supercar as it drives around attempting to activate as many checkpoints as possible. You activate the checkpoints by staying within a set circumference of them for a few seconds (which … Read More