Groaning Steel – Game Jam Build

Groaning Steel is a bizarre PS1-era styled horror stunt racing game where you drive vehicles made of flesh and bone around a hellish race track and complete specific objectives to appease the Fleshsteel God.

Created by Modus interactive (creator of Siren Head and PC_001), Groaning Steel features a wonderfully weird blend of stunts, exploration, horror and racing as you complete objectives and unlock new … Read More

Totally Reliable Delivery Service – Open Beta

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a ridiculous ragdoll physics-based parcel delivery game that sees you can use a wide variety of vehicles as you attempt to deliver your parcels in one piece throughout its low poly open world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Alpha Sign Up, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is essentially what would happen if the Gangbeasts started up their … Read More

Karnage – Student Game

Karnage is a fun little vehicular combat game where you attempt to kill a rampaging kaiju with a car.

Created by students of ISART DIGITAL, Karnage puts you in control of a Twisted Metal-esque heavily armed vehicle and tasks you with slaying a deadly kaiju that you’re trapped in the arena with. Your vehicle is fairly nimble, heavily armored and comes equipped with an … Read More