Rustbucket Revenge – Game Jam Build Download

Rustbucket Revenge is an intense fast paced PS1 styled horror game where you are stalked around a gloomy industrial district by a murderous sentient car.

If you’ve ever seen/read Steven King’s Christine or Maximum Overdrive then you’ll know how deadly a car can be when it develops a lust for human blood. In Rustbucket Revenge you’re stalked by an old rusty car that was neglected … Read More

Electric Trains – Beta Download

Electric Trains is a fast paced and addictive arcade train driving game where you hurtle from station to station, being sure to switch tracks and control your speed to avoid crashing into obstacles and other trains.

It may sound like an odd thing to say about a train driving simulation game, but Electric Trains is actually quite a thrilling experience. Unlike most train driving sims, … Read More

Return of Curiosity – Beta Download

Return of Curiosity is a beautiful and oddly touching little narrative-driven exploration adventure about a long lost Mars Rover in search of human life in the wastelands of Mars.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Return of Curiosity takes place in a future where humanity has colonized Mars. However, long before they colonized Mars they sent two Rovers to explore the planet. One (called … Read More

DIS.TORTION: In Sensu – Student Game Download

DIS.TORTION: In Sensu is a rage-inducingly tough skill-based rhythm game where you challenge your fears as you race through a nightmarish landscape.

Created by students at HTW Berlin, DIS.TORTION: In Sensu is a very stylish and very challenging Thumper-esque on-rails rhythm action game where you rotate and jump around the four sides of a track to avoid hazards in a haunting, distorted world. If … Read More

art of rally – Beta Demo

art of rally is a glorious throwback to the golden days of rally racing from the creator of Absolute Drift, allowing you to get behind the wheel of classic rally cars and race them through winding tracks across the world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta Sign Up, art of rally is a very stylish top-down low poly racing game … Read More