Lift is an impressive new flight sandbox game based on real world physics, where you can build whatever aircraft you like, from a spaceship to a flying whale, and take it for a spin.

The game is still very early in development, so building the aircraft isn’t especially intuitive at the moment and would benefit from an easier to use drag-and-drop style interface.  However, once … Read More



_Speed_ is a fun top-down futuristic racer inspired by Micro Machines and WipEout, with clean, colourful aesthetics and fun fast paced gameplay.  There’s a nice selection of game modes, race-crafts, and power-ups all wrapped up in a stylish futuristic setting.  Ships handle superbly, races are fast paced and fun, and it’s got an excellent soundtrack.  It really does feel like a 2D, top-down WipEout, and … Read More


Nuclear Storm is a great new isometric helicopter action game inspired by the EA’s long dormant Strike series (Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, etc.).

It’s still early in development, but already the handling, visuals and gameplay all make Nuclear Storm feel like a fitting tribute to the Strike games.  Indeed, at times all that it is missing is the ‘Strike’ at the end of the Title.  … Read More