Griefhelm – Alpha Download

Griefhelm is a stylish Nidhogg inspired duelling game with a Mount & Blade-esque combat system, which allows you to attack and parry from three different directions.

Playable in single player against AI or with up to four people in multiplayer, Griefhelm takes Nidhogg’s tug-of-war duelling and adds a more realistic melee-focused combat system. You can perform three different types of attack by holding … Read More

Go All Out! – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

Go All Out! is a fun and easily accessible platform arena brawler that sees powerful warriors and guest fighters from other games and media fighting to be the last one standing across a variety of arenas.

We first featured Go All Out! On Alpha Beta Gamer back in March during the closed Beta sign up, and were impressed with it’s stylish 3D visuals and slick … Read More

Gladihoppers – Alpha Download

Gladihoppers is a very silly little 2D pixel art fighting game that sees roman gladiators fighting to the death in fast paced, physics based hopping combat.

Playable in singleplayer of local multiplayer, Gladihoppers sees two constantly hopping gladiators attempting to hack each other to death for the entertainment of the crowds. You can customize your own gladiator, and kit them out with different clothes, shields … Read More