Skirmish – Alpha Demo

Skirmish is a bizarre and brutal combat game where you run, jump and attack your enemies using just one button.

Skirmish is playable in a single player or co-op adventure mode or in a competitive PvP arena mode with up to four players. The adventure mode sees you hacking your way through enemy filled levels and bosses, unlocking new characters which you can add to … Read More

First Cut – Prototype Download

First Cut is a stylish little one-hit-kill sword duelling game that requires real precision timing as you to dodge, block and parry attacks whilst attempting to slice up your opponent.

First Cut has a simple seeming, but surprisingly intricate combat system that requires perfect timing to master. The current build is fairly basic, but the pixel artwork is excellent and the high stakes sword combat … Read More

SoulCalibur 6 – Open Beta (PS4 & Xbox One)

SoulCalibur 6 is now in Open Beta on PS4 and Xbox One, with players able to download it now and join in the sword swinging fantasy fighting fun.

After a six year absence Bandai Namco are bringing SoulCalibur back for some good old fashioned 1v1 weapon based combat. Aside from looking a lot snazzier that its previous incarnations, SoulCalibur 6 also introduces a new “Reversal … Read More