Jitsu Squad – Kickstarter Demo

Jitsu Squad is an incredibly hyperactive side-scrolling beat ‘em up with vibrant hand-animated visuals and lots of ridiculously over the top special moves!

Jitsu Squad draws inspiration from the classic arcade beat ‘em up gameplay of Final Fight and Streets of Rage, as well as the intense fighting game gameplay of Guilty Gear, Marvel Vs Capcom and Super Smash Bros. It’s a beautifully … Read More

Pocket Fighter EX – Prototype Download

Pocket Fighter EX is a fan made fighting game that aims to blend the gameplay and characters from a variety of Capcom and SNK fighting games, all wrapped up in a beautifully animated pixel art visual style.

With a pixel art visual style that draws inspiration from NeoGeo Pocket Color fighting games, Pocket Fighter EX is a great little fan made Capcom and SNK fighting … Read More

Big Boy Boxing – Alpha Demo

Big Boy Boxing is a boss rush pixel art boxing game where you dodge and punch your way through challenging fights against beautifully animated combatants.

Drawing inspiration from Punch-Out!!, Cuphead and Shovel Knight, Big Boy Boxing is a slapstick boss rush boxing game where you can’t just button your way to victory. Being a 2D boxing game, it does obviously draw comparisons to … Read More