Okinawa Rush – Beta Demo

Okinawa Rush is a beautifully animated side-scrolling action platformer brawler where you battle ninjas and demons in feudal Japan.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2017, Okinawa Rush is an action platforming brawler with a fluid combat system, lots of on-screen carnage and characters with very large movesets. It takes place in feudal Japan and sees martial artists Hiro, Meilin and … Read More

Ninza – Beta download

Ninza is a beautifully animated and very fast paced competitive multiplayer action game where Ninjas attempt to throw pieces of the level at each other to crush them or hurl them off-screen.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Ninza as a fantastic competitive multiplayer action game where the environment is your weapon. It’s playable with up to four … Read More

Pocket Bravery – Beta Demo

Pocket Bravery is a beautifully animated SD styled 2D fighting game that draws inspiration from the 90’s Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters games.

Currently in development by Statera Studio, Pocket Bravery blends classic 90’s fighting game gameplay with a vibrant Neo Geo Pocket Color inspired SD aesthetic. It plays quite similarly to Street Fighter 2 and the SNK fighting games, but … Read More

Two Strikes – Alpha Demo

Two Strikes is an incredibly cool weapon-based martial arts fighting game where it only takes one well-timed strike to win a round.

Currently in development by Retro Reactor (creator of One Strike), Two Strikes is a beautifully animated 2D fighting game where it only takes one strike to fell your opponent. It is a sequel to the well received One Strike, but while … Read More