Street Fighter 6 – Open Beta (PC, PlayStation & Xbox)

Can you download and play the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta right now? Sure-you-can!

As mentioned on Alpha Beta Gamer during the demo release, the Street Fighter 6 open Beta starts today and will finish at midnight PDT on May 21st. It’s available to download now on Xbox, Playstation and Steam and features six unique stages, lots of game modes and six playable characters.… Read More

Street Fighter 6 – Beta Demo (Steam, Xbox & Playstation)

Street Fighter 6 will be holding an Open Beta later this month, but if you want to get a little practice in beforehand you can download and play the demo right now!

The Street Fighter 6 open Beta is due to start on May 19th (00:00 PDT) and will run until the end of May 21st on Xbox, Playstation and Steam. It will feature eight … Read More

Vita Fighters – Beta Demo

Vita Fighters is a low poly fighting game with arcade gameplay and a character roster that draws inspiration from anime, pop-culture and classic fighting games.

Gameplaywise Vita Fighters plays a lot like a traditional Street Fighter style fighting game, with special moves, combos and holding back to block. The current build features 11 of the initial 16+ roster from the full game and has a … Read More