Mad Streets – Alpha Demo

Mad Streets is a wonderfully chaotic physics based fighting game where players face off in slapstick brawls in a variety of different urban locations.

Playing a little like Gang Beasts, but with more realistic character models and a little more control of your character, Mad Streets is a fun brawler for up to four players. The combat is entirely physics-based, making for some wonderfully … Read More

Rubber Bandits: Xmas Prologue – Beta Demo

Rubber Bandits: Xmas Prologue is a festive demo for the upcoming Rubber Bandits game, which sees Santa, snowmen, penguins, reindeer and even Jesus beating each other up and stealing loot from presents.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in February, Rubber Bandits is a physics based multiplayer bralwer where players attempt to grab the most cash and escape from differently themed arenas. It’s a … Read More

Daikaiju Daikessen: Versus – Beta Download

Daikaiju Daikessen: Versus is a fantastic love letter to classic Neo Geo King of Monsters games, which allows you to cause carnage and beat up a massive array of massive Kaiju.

Currently in development by One Secret Pseudo, Daikaiju Daikessen: Versus takes the classic arcade brawler gameplay of King of Monsters and expands on it in every way possible. You start the game with a … Read More

The Black Heart – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

The Black Heart is a one on one fighting game that manages to make fighting games scary, as six freaky creatures fight to wield the power of a dead king’s heart.

The original version of The Black Heart was a M.U.G.E.N. game that was released ten years ago, but the developer is remastering the game with new graphics, programming, story, music and sound to celebrate … Read More