Super Science Friends: The Video Game – Prototype Download

Super Science Friends: The Video Game is a funny and beautifully animated side scrolling beat ‘em up in which Einstein, Darwin, Marie Curie, Tesla, Sigmund Freud and Taputti take on Hitler’s time travelling army of super villains!

Based on the popular YouTube animated series of the same name, Super Science Friends: The Video Game sees your band of super powered scientists taking on Hitler and … Read More

GUTS – Beta Demo

GUTS is hilariously OTT limb dismembering fighting game in which the matches only end when players are beaten to bloody stump!

We first featured GUTS on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up phase and were impressed with its comically ultra-violent gameplay in which you win by literally ripping the limbs off your opponent. The current Alpha Demo build features three playable characters, … Read More