You Got Served: A Fist In The Face – Game Jam Build

you got served

You Got Served: A Fist In The Face is a very cool and highly addictive two button bar room brawler in which you use the arrow keys to fend off an ever increasing onslaught of thugs.

There’s an air of rhythm action around You Got Served: A Fist In The Face, as you must time your punches and kicks to make sure they land … Read More

Kuja – Alpha Demo

Kuja game

Kuja is a completely physics-based drunk fighting simulator, in the same vein as Gang Beasts, with jelly-legged drunkards partaking in slapstick fights to be the last man standing.

Kuja is stil very early in development (there’s not even any sound yet), but it’s shaping up nicely, with wonderfully chaotic fights, environmental destruction and lots of pick-up-and-useable weaponry.  The Alpha demo features single player, co-op … Read More

Mast – Beta Download

mast game 2

Mast is an innovative game that tasks you with creating a fully automated robotic fighting machine, building it out of components and even writing the AI code for how it behaves.

Building your fighting machine is fairly simple, just drag and drop from a selection of components, including drills, thrusters, gyroscopes and turrets.  Once you have your ships structure sorted out, you get down to … Read More

Playtime Stories – Student Project Download

playtime stories

Playtime Stories is a charming and vibrant playground romp full of child-like imagination that sees you carrying out objectives and battling other students, hall monitors and bosses to become king of the playground.

Created by game development students from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Playtime Stories, is a joy to play, offering playful playground battles that feel just like the sort of thing you’d … Read More

Bad Ass Babes – Alpha Demo

bad ass babes game

Bad Ass Babes is a B-movie inspired old school side scrolling beat-em up featuring scantily clad digitised strippers fighting against shuffling, drooling brain-dead men to fend of an alien invasion.

Based on the Beats of Rage engine, Bad Ass Babes uses the same digitising techniques that were used in the original Mortal Kombat games to capture the likenesses of the ass-kicking exotic dancers and import … Read More