Scrap Mettle – Student Game

Scrap Mettle is an action packed first person Sci-Fi brawler where you punch your way through a spaceship full of robots while trying to get your left arm back!

Created by students of the Digipen Institute of Technology, in Scrap Mettle you step into the space-boots of a one-armed space mercenary called Scrapper, who is on a mission to get his other arm back after … Read More

FPS: The Musical – Student Project Game

FPS: The Musical is an odd little non-violent first person rhythm action puzzler where you shoot robotic musical instruments with your harmonies to bring them to life in time for a big concert.

In FPS: The Musical you are a one man band who is in a rush to get to the Turbo Fessibile Automations Parade – the biggest festival of technology in the entire … Read More