Quake Champions – Open Beta (Steam)

Quake Champions has just entered a limited time Open Beta and everyone who joins in during the next week will be able to continue playing even after the event is over!

As we mentioned during last years Open Beta, Quake Champions is an arena shooter from id Software, which features fast placed old school run n’ gun action with a variety of fearsome playable … Read More

Realm Royale – Open Alpha

Realm Royale is a Paladins spin-off from Hi-Rez Studios (creators of Smite, Tribes: Ascend and Paladins) brings MOBA-esque heros, spells, crafting, mounts and chickens to the Battle Royale genre.

In Realm Royale players can choose between five character classes (Assassins, Warriors, Hunter, Engineers and Mages) each with their own unique attributes, then jump out of an airship and plummet to the ground for some … Read More

Reprise – Student Project Game

Reprise is an audio-reactive roguelike FPS that sees you blasting enemies with riffs and beats in a futuristic society that’s outlawed music.

In Reprise your aim is to make it through a procedurally generated facility that’s filled with enemies which you kill with your Orchestrator – a futuristic weapon that fires guitar riffs, bass notes, drum hits and Tom beats. Your weapon isn’t rhythm-action based … Read More