System Shock Remastered – Alpha Demo

System Shock Remastered is a reboot and reimagining of LookingGlass Technologies’ classic 26 year old cyberpunk horror action adventure.

Currently in development by Nightdrive Studios, System Shock Remastered aims to bring the emergent gameplay of the original System Shock to modern PCs, with an overhauled interface and updated audio and visuals. They’ve even been working alongside members of the original team (including the original voice … Read More

Ghostrunner – Beta Demo

Ghostrunner is a ridiculously cool and extremely brutal Mirror’s Edge-eque parkour action game where you run, swing, slide and slice your way through a vast cyberpunk city.

Currently in joint development by One More Level (creators of God’s Trigger) and Slipgate Ironworks (creators of Rad Rodgers and Bombshell), and produced by 3D Realms (Creators of Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D), GhostrunnerRead More

Six-Gun – Student Game Download

Six-Gun is a very tense and stylish Wild West survival horror FPS where you attempt to escape a monster-filled mine with just six bullets in your gun!

Created by students at ISART Digital, Six-Gun is set in a 1880’s Wild West mine system that you wake up in. The mine in question is full of freaky monsters, keen to rip you to shreds. Fortunately, you … Read More