BLOCKPOST – Beta Download

BLOCKPOST is essentially Minecraft reimagined as a first person shooter, with fast paced run n’ gun combat in fully destructible procedurally generated voxel based maps.

Featuring 7 different game modes, 20 different locations and over 100 different types of weapons, BLOCKPOST is a fun blend of Minecraft-esque voxel based world modification and fast paced FPS combat. The game modes include three different sizes of … Read More

The Four Eyed Creature – Game Jam Build

The Four Eyed Creature is a wonderfully disorientating FPS puzzle adventure in which you have four arms and four eyes each facing in a different direction, giving you 360° vision but no means of aiming or even turning your head!

In The Four Eyed Creature you control an alien who has crash-landed on an alien planet and needs to find a new ship. This means … Read More