Halo Online (ElDewrito) – Beta Download

Halo Online (ElDewrito) is a fan made community driven Halo game based on the official (cancelled) Halo Online game which allows players to take part in a wide variety of highly customizable multiplayer Halo matches.

The original Halo Online was a free-to-play online multiplayer FPS derived from Halo 3 and only intended to be released in Russia (we actually covered the Beta Sign Up back Read More

Denizen – Prototype Download

Denizen is a thoroughly bizarre blend of Sci-Fi, medieval fantasy and the occult, which sees you exploring an abandoned research institute full of strange monsters.

In Denizen you start the game in the foyer of a research institute – The Kepler Research institute to be exact. You come across a digital PDA device that you can upload information to and an axe which might come … Read More