Toasterball – Alpha Demo

Toasterball is a fabulous physics based competitive multiplayer sports game that sees you using toasters to outscore your opponent in a variety of sporting battles.

The full version of Toasterball will feature a variety of different sports to play with your toasters, including football, boxing, volleyball, bowling and catapult battles. The current build just features one game mode though, Pong-esqe tennis mode, and it’s … Read More

The Indie Game Legend 3D – Alpha Demo

The Indie Game Legend 3D is a fantastic retro styled dungeon crawling first person shooter with metroidvania elements, that sees you blasting monsters, solving puzzles and rescuing a variety of indie game developers to stop pixel art platformers from dying out.

In The Indie Game Legend 3D you take on the role of an elite soldier who has been sent on a mission to save … Read More

SUFFER – Alpha Demo

SUFFER is a bloody and brutally difficult retro first person shooter that eschews cutscenes, hand-holding and realism for old school run n’ gun action where speed and skill all that will keep you alive.

In SUFFER you take control of a fast moving samurai sword wielding protagonist who must run, gun, slice, dash and jump her way through a series of challenging levels. The visuals … Read More