Echo Point Nova – Alpha Demo

Echo Point Nova is a mobility-focused Sci-Fi FPS with massive open levels, hoverboarding and lots of environmental destruction.

Playable in single-player or online co-op, the fluid movement, destruction and gunplay of Echo Point Nova shares a lot in common with Greylock Studio’s previous game, Severed Steel, but the setting and increased focus on mobility makes for a very different experience. It’s a little like … Read More

Soulslinger: Envoy of Death – Beta Demo

Soulslinger: Envoy of Death is a Wild West dark fantasy styled roguelite FPS where a lone gunslinger battles a criminal cartel in the afterlife.

In Soulslinger: Envoy of Death you have become an envoy of Death who has been tasked with eliminating a criminal cartel in a Wild West styled afterlife. What this means for you is that you travel through portals to different arenas, … Read More

DoubleWe – Pre-Alpha Demo

DoubleWe is a very intense and paranoia-filled roguelite first person shooter where you attempt to kill your evil clones before they kill you!

Playable in single-player or online multiplayer, in DoubleWe mysterious clones have infiltrated your society and are eliminating their original counterparts. The original humans now need to fight back and eliminate the clones before it’s too late.

The current DoubleWe demo features the … Read More