plaque – Alpha Demo

plaque is a dark and gritty first person horror shooter that plays a little like Quake, but with freaky Clive Barker-esque monster design and a very oppressive atmosphere.

The gameplay in plaque draws inspiration from classic 90’s shooters like Quake and Doom, but the atmosphere it creates is very different. Rather than offering bombastic run n’ gun fun, plaque is more about getting … Read More

The Subject – Beta Demo

The Subject is a dark Sci-Fi horror adventure where you solve puzzles and attempt to avoid a monster that stalks the corridors of the mysterious research facility you’ve been imprisoned in.

In The Subject you are a prisoner who has been sold to a research company and shuttled off for testing in a research space station. A prisoner’s life really isn’t worth much in the … Read More

Stockman – Student Project Game

Stockman is a Horde Mode style arena FPS, with fast paced gameplay, stackable perks and lots of different types of enemy to deal with across ten rounds of run n’ gun action.

Stockman features Horde Mode first person run n’ gun fun that’s easy to pick up and play by hard to beat. You start the game by choosing two abilities from a choice of … Read More