Project Xandata – Open Beta

Project Xandata is a fast paced competitive first person shooter where players customize their high-tech armor to suit their play style and do battle in 3v3 arena combat.

In Project Xandata you become a Xandat – a highly skilled soldier with customizable high-tech armor that can give you an edge in battle. The armor can be customized to suit a variety of different play styles … Read More

Kill It With Fire: Ignition – Beta Demo

Kill It With Fire: Ignition is a hilarious and slightly creepy physics-based first person action game where you use anything you can get your hands on to kill the spiders that have infested your house.

Currently in development by Casey Donnellan, former lead designer of Vicious Circle at Rooster Teeth Games, Kill It With Fire is a first person action game set within a spider-infested … Read More

BLOODSHOT – Game Jam Build Download

BLOODSHOT is a very intense little first person shooter where you paint the pitch black surroundings with the blood of your enemies to allow you to see what’s around you!

In BLOODSHOT you find yourself in a pitch black arena with pitch black demonic monsters spawning around you. If you look carefully you can spot the monsters by their glowing red eyes and if you … Read More

Hellver – Prototype Download

Hellver is a fast paced and stylish rogue-lite FPS that plays like a blend of Downwell and Devil Daggers as you blast and slice your way down a deep dark well full of enemies.

In Hellver you enter a deep procedurally generated well armed with a gun to shoot and a blade to melee attack with. The enemies you meet are color coded according to … Read More