Vomitoreum – Kickstarter Demo

Vomitoreum is a GZDoom powered FPS metroidvania that draws inspiration from Metroid Prime and Dark Souls as you blast your way through a huge interconnected world that’s plagued with Eldritch monstrosities.

Currently in development by scumhead (creator of the excellent Shrine and Lycanthorn games), Vomitoreum is an open world metroidvania FPS set in a nightmarish world that’s overrun with a horrible fog and Eldritch monstrosities. … Read More

Snap the Sentinel – Game Jam Build Download

Snap the Sentinel is a fantastic GZDoom powered first person shooter that draws inspiration from the SNES/Genesis era as you run ‘n gun your way through its vibrant robot-filled levels.

Created for 7dfps 2020, Snap the Sentinel feels like a 90’s mascot action platformer transformed into a DOOM-style FPS. In the game you blast your way through five large levels as your heroic snapping … Read More

Infinite Pizza – Game Jam Build Download

Infinite Pizza is an eye-melting infinite running RPS game where you slice your way deep into the cheesy heart of an infinite pizza!

Created for 7dfps and PROCJAM, Infinite Pizza is a very weird and highly addictive first person infinite runner where you race headlong into an infinite pizza set within a procedurally generated fractal space. It looks incredible and it plays a little like … Read More