Into the Pit – Beta Demo

Into the Pit is a very stylish Lovecraftian retro FPS roguelite where you dive deep into a demonic portal in search of your missing cousin.

In Into the Pit you are part of a family of lore-hunting mystics who search the land for occult anomalies. Your cousin was investigating rumors of a demonic pit in a cursed village, but now she seems to have disappeared. … Read More

POSTAL: Brain Damaged – Beta Demo

POSTAL: Brain Damaged is an anarchic and action packed boomer shooter POSTAL spin-off that takes place in The POSTAL Dude’s warped and damaged mind.

In POSTAL: Brain Damaged it seems that The POSTAL Dude has had a few too many concussions and drug binges, and now he’s totally wacko. He’s now been locked up in an asylum but he can still run rampant in his … Read More

AnoMalice – Alpha Download

AnoMalice is a very weird first person shooter puzzle game where you use guns and spawnable bodies to make your way through its surreal nightmarish world.

Created by vikintor (creator of ESTIGMA) AnoMalice is a surreal horror FPS puzzle game where you go in search of an entity called AnoMailce that seems to be the god of the nightmarish world you’re trapped in. You … Read More

Supplice – Alpha Demo

Supplice is a bombastic GZDoom powered Sci-Fi first person shooter where your terraforming colony is subject to a brutal invasion by trans-dimensional horrors.

Created by a talented team of DOOM mod scene veterans, Supplice plays a lot like DOOM, but with everything turned up to eleven. It takes place on a distant planet that mankind is terraforming and sees some fancy human technology malfunctioning … Read More