PlanetSide Arena – Open Beta

PlanetSide Arena is a class based multiplayer shooter that delivers a unique large scale take on the battle royale genre, with 300 player matches, 12 player squads and a mode that pits two huge teams against each other.

A spinoff of the massively multiplayer FPS PlanetSide games, PlanetSide Arena offers an interesting twist on the battle royale genre. At the moment there are two game … Read More

Demon Pit – Beta Demo

Demon Pit is a fast paced 90s styled first person shooter where you blast hordes of demons and attempt to survive for as long as possible in an arena that reconfigures itself as you play.

The goal of Demon Pit is simple – survive for as long as possible in a demon-filled arena. The demons come in many shapes and sizes an increase in power … Read More

Brickadia – Open Alpha

Brickadia is an online brick building game that essentially allows you to build anything you like using LEGO style blocks and play within large multiplayer sandboxes.

In Brickadia you can jump into online multiplayer sandboxes (or host your own) and build whatever you desire using an extensive selection of building tools. Visually and gameplay-wise the game is essentially a massive LEGO sandbox, allowing you to … Read More