Krusty Zombies – Beta Download

Krusty Zombies is a fun little fan made mash-up of Spongebob Squarepants and Call of Duty Zombies, which sees Spongebob attempting to fend off zombie fish and jellyfish that have invaded Bikini Bottom.

The gameplay in Krusty Zombies will be pretty familiar to anyone who’s ever played a CoD: Zombies game – you shoot the zombies and earn cash, which you can then use … Read More

Project Grove – Kickstarter Demo

Project Grove is a beautiful and chilled-out first person puzzle platforming adventure which follows a legendary alchemist and his helpful robot companion as they discover the secrets hidden within a mysterious ancient forest.

In Project Grove you jump into the boots of Edric, a legendary alchemist who has been tasked with searching for a cure for “The Great Rot” which is plaguing the world. The … Read More