Fantastic Journeys – Prototype Download

fantastic voyages 1

Fantastic Journeys is a wonderful Unreal Engine 4 Powered 3D action platformer inspired by Jumping Flash! and Metroid Prime, that sees you jumping your way towards a goal at to top of some of the most colourful and vibrant open world levels ever seen.

The amount of freedom afforded by the game’s level design is fantastic, with the huge open world levels offering up … Read More

S.W.A.G – Prototype


S.W.A.G (Super Wreckless Awesome Gangsta) is a rhythmic first person shooter set in the 90’s where you roam dangerous streets and knock-out your enemy rappers with a finely timed sound blast from your golden boombox.

Gameplay is pretty basic at the moment, but it is still very early in development.  It’s a fun (and tough) game for what it is though, with different enemy types … Read More

South Park VR – Tech Demo

South Park VR

South Park VR allows you to roam the streets of South Park in first person, either with a standard monitor of with an Oculus Rift headset for the fully immersive experience.

The town has a layout that will be familiar to anyone who has played The Stick of Truth, and all the South Park residents roam the streets ready with a quick sound-bite (Terrance … Read More