Supraland – Pre-Alpha Demo

Supraland is a cheerful and charming first person metroidvania that draws inspiration from Mario, Metroid, Portal and Zelda, with you battling monsters, solving puzzles and earning new abilities as red and blue stickpeople go to war!

Currently in development by the team behind Supraball (and set in the same universe), Supraland sees you taking control of a red stickman prince who sets out to … Read More

Feudal Alloy – Beta Demo Sign Up

Feudal Alloy is a fantastic looking new metroidvania action RPG in which you take a goldfish controlled robot on an epic adventure in a beautiful hand drawn medieval world.

Feudal Alloy is set within a wonderfully weird medieval world populated by fish controlled robots. You take control of one such robot who, after his village is ransacked by outlaws, grabs a sword and sets out … Read More

PUSS! – Beta Demo

PUSS! is a super tough and incredibly bizarre blend of precision mouse control, bullet hell and cats that sees you guiding your little feline through a variety of increasingly surreal mazes and battling powerful bosses.

In PUSS! you control a little cat who has managed to become trapped in another dimension. The only way out is through a series of randomly selected vaporwave-styled stages that … Read More

The Golden Tulip – Game Jam Build Download

The Golden Tulip is a fun little first person puzzler that sees you listening in on suspects conversations to figure out who your target is, then blowing them up to stop a nuclear war.

In The Golden Tulip you take control of a spy/assassin who is holed up in The Golden Tulip hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. Across the road is another hotel, filled with suspects, … Read More