Once Upon a Möbius Strip – Game Jam Build Download

Once Upon a Möbius Strip is an excellent little Lucasarts inspired Game Boy styles point and click adventure where you try to reverse the effects of your Uncle turning your house into a Möbius Strip!

Created for the Black and White Jam, in Once Upon a Möbius Strip you follow the adventure of a young girl who is trying to go to the bathroom. Ordinarily … Read More

Study Lady (cookie mix) – Game Jam Build

Study Lady (cookie mix) is a charming little incremental clicker where you purchase upgrades that change the scene while listening to lo-fi beats and studying.

Created for Ludum Dare 50, in Study Lady (cookie mix) you watch a looping scene of a woman studying while her cat mischievously knocks over the glass of milk by her side. You can purchase upgrades for various different parts … Read More

The Fabulous Fear Machine – Beta Demo

The Fabulous Fear Machine is a darkly humorous pulp horror strategy game where you attempt to spread myths and conspiracy theories to fill countries with panic and fear.

Currently in development by Fictorama Studios (creators of Do Not Feed The Monkeys), The Fabulous Fear Machine is a pulp horror comic book styled strategy game where you help a mysterious organisation spread fear, and in … Read More