Store Revolt – Alpha Demo

Store Revolt is a quirky physics based local multiplayer party game that sees you causing carnage in a shopping mall as you hurl valuables into your mom’s cart while sabotaging your opponents.

Store Revolt is playable with one to four players (though it’s not nearly as much fun with just one player), with fully customizable characters and sees each player attempting to earn points by … Read More

Stoneshard – Alpha Download

Stoneshard is an addictive, challenging and humorous open world roguelike dungeon crawler set in a vast monster-filled procedurally generated world.

Drawing inspiration from Diablo, ADOM and Darkest Dungeon, in Stoneshard you take on the role of a mercenary who, after receiving an offer he can’t refuse, sets out to vanquish a tyrannical king and bring peace to the land of Aldor. Along the … Read More

Minimalist Art Club – Game Jam Build

Minimalist Art Club is a funny first person puzzle adventure that sees you visiting a strange art gallery, meeting quirky characters and uncovering some very cool easter eggs.

In Minimalist Art Club you decide to join an art club and when you get there you’re greeted by three rather pretentious art aficionados who promptly send you off in search of refreshments. The vending machine is … Read More