Two Player – Game Jam Build

Two Player is a fun little narrative-driven game where you sit down with your friend and play a zombie-blasting co-op FPS.

Created for 7dfps, in Two Player you find yourself sitting on a couch next to an old friend, ready to play a new co-op FPS. Your buddy is playing on their laptop and you are playing on the large projector screen in front of … Read More

Fingerpaint Art Restoration – Game Jam Build Download (Oculus Quest)

Fingerpaint Art Restoration is a hilarious little VR game that allows you to make your own terrible restorations of classic artwork.

Created by Andrew C. Wang (creator of An Obstacle Course for Unconventional Humans) for the 12 Day of Sketchmas Game Jam, Fingerpaint Art Restoration allows you to use your fingers to make classic artwork even better! You can dip your fingers into the … Read More

Mad Streets – Alpha Demo

Mad Streets is a wonderfully chaotic physics based fighting game where players face off in slapstick brawls in a variety of different urban locations.

Playing a little like Gang Beasts, but with more realistic character models and a little more control of your character, Mad Streets is a fun brawler for up to four players. The combat is entirely physics-based, making for some wonderfully … Read More

Hair of the Dog – Game Jam Build Download

Hair of the Dog is an inventive old school point and click adventure with a day/night cycle that takes place in real-time as you attempt to find a cure for your Jekyll and Hyde-esque disposition.

Created for the AdventureX Jam, Hair of the Dog is a lighthearted point and click adventure that takes place in Victorian London and draws inspiration from the tale of Jekyll … Read More

Ejected Star – Beta Demo

Ejected Star is a funny and fully voiced Sci-Fi point and click adventure that follows a hapless Second Class Weapons Officer as he tries to deal with an evil robot that’s sabotaging the ship he’s stationed on.

Feeling like a blend of Star Trek and a classic Lucasarts style point and click adventure, Ejected Star takes the rather eventful story of a lowly crewmember who … Read More