Demolition Debby – Game Jam Build

Demolition Debby is a carnage-filled little driving game where you attempt to destroy your ex-husband’s entire estate with a bulldozer while being chased by the police!

In Demolition Debby you take on the role of Debbie, a recent divorcee who is looking to get some payback on her husband. Her chosen method of revenge is a bulldozer which she plans to drive through her ex-husband’s … Read More

Dungeons and Flatmates – Student Project Game

Dungeons and Flatmates is a very funny Skyrim spoofing first person RPG adventure where you solve puzzles, complete quests, level up, chat to NPC’s and collect loot – all within the confines of your filthy shared apartment!

In Dungeons and Flatmates you take on the role of a flatmate who has been summoned to the “Kingdom of Filthiness” (your shared flat), where you will complete … Read More

Big Foot in Smalltown – Game Jam Build

Big Foot in Smalltown is a fun little QWOP-like giant simulator where you stomp through countryside, towns, cities and lakes while attempting to do as little damage as possible.

In Big Foot in Smalltown you take control of Big Foot (not Bigfoot), using the mouse to lift and move your left and right legs as you stomp your way through five levels. Ideally you wouldn’t … Read More

Billed To Order (it’s a bird pun) – Game Jam Build

Billed To Order (it’s a bird pun) is a charming and wonderfully silly little building puzzler where you attempt to remember which drawers your building equipment is in while building custom birdhouses for your backyard friends.

In Billed To Order you have a selection of building materials (logs, nails, decorations, etc) and some tools (a saw and a hammer), and must use each one in … Read More

Nice Try Plane – Game Jam Build

Nice Try Plane is a fun little cooperative and competitive multiplayer game where players attempt to collect coins whilst using their body weight to balance out a triplane as random heavy objects are dropped on it.

It really is a case of the more the merrier in Nice Try Plane. You can technically play in single-player but you won’t get very far as you … Read More