A Healthy Witch Breakfast – Game Jam Build

A Healthy Witch Breakfast is a delightfully gross little game in which you attempt to guide hordes of cockroaches into a blender to make a tasty breakfast smoothie for a witch!

Everybody should start the day with a healthy organic breakfast and witches are no different. It seems that this witch loves nothing more than a tasty 9000 ml smoothie made out of the freshest … Read More

Calico – Prototype Download

Calico is an adorable cat cafe adventure that could end up being the ultimate crazy cat lady game, as two young witches attempt to renovate a cat cafe to make it full of cuddly creatures.

The full game of Calico promises to include business management elements, with you decorating your cafe, stocking it with cats, drinks and snacks then making money from the people who … Read More

The Four Eyed Creature – Game Jam Build

The Four Eyed Creature is a wonderfully disorientating FPS puzzle adventure in which you have four arms and four eyes each facing in a different direction, giving you 360° vision but no means of aiming or even turning your head!

In The Four Eyed Creature you control an alien who has crash-landed on an alien planet and needs to find a new ship. This means … Read More

Screens. – Game Jam Build

Screens. turns a well known YouTube pre-roll advertisement into a game, with you frantically trying to click the panel of screens in front of you to stop it from playing.

If you’ve ever spent any time on YouTube then you’ve probably seen the Udemy online Unity course advert that starts with the line “coding your own games is easier than you think”. It’s by no … Read More