Six Cats Under – Game Jam Build Download

Six Cats Under is a charming little point and click puzzler where a recently deceased cat lady uses her poltergeist powers to find a way of rescuing the cats that are locked in her home.

At the very start of Six Cats Under you die. You’re not too upset about it, but you are worried about your MANY cute little cats that are trapped in … Read More

GEESE vs CTHULHU – Beta Demo

GEESE vs CTHULHU is a wonderfully weird and surprising arcade action game where a three-headed magical goose makes a stand against the mighty Cthulhu.

Currently in development by Anatoliy Loginovskikh, creator of Mushroom Cats and Mister Burnhouse, GEESE vs CTHULHU is a delightfully silly and beautifully animated arcade dodge ‘em up adventure about magical geese and Cthulhu. 1000 years ago the Goose Brotherhood defeated the … Read More

Museum of FPS – Game Jam Build Download

Museum of FPS is a short and silly little game where you help a sentient rocket launcher escape from a first person shooter museum.

Created for the FZ Game Jam 2020, the Museum of FPS is set in a museum from a different dimension, which showcases relics of an ancient civilization. A civilization that bears a remarkable similarity to some classic 90s FPS games, such … Read More

Sockventure: Prologue – Beta Demo

Sockventure is a challenging and beautifully animated precision platforming adventure where you become a superhero on a mission to save a kid’s missing sock from a washing machine.

In Sockventure you take on the role of Sockman, an odd little superhero who uses his special skills of wall-jumping, double-jumping and air-dashing as he makes his way through the perilous internals of a washing machine, with … Read More