BLACKFESK – Game Jam Build Download


BLACKFESK is a wonderfully over the top QWOP-Like in which you control a gigantic deadly sea creature, smashing increasingly ludicrous enemies – from vikings to dinosaurs in flying mech suits.

Best played with a control pad (but playable with Keyboard), you use the analogue sticks to flail the monsters arms about, smashing anything in its way.  You use the L and R buttons independently to … Read More

Jet Racing Extreme – Alpha Download

jet racing extreme game

Rocket League has cemented everyone’s love for the rocket powered automobile, but just how easy is it to drive a jet propelled car handle really? Jet Racing Extreme proves it’s very hard indeed!

Jet Racing Extreme gives you access to a highly customisable (and destructible) jet powered car then sets you loose on super tough stunt tracks full of loop-the-loops, jumps and crash hazards.  Your … Read More

Tacopocalypse – Pre-Alpha Demo


Tacopocalypse is a fun taco delivery stunt driving game that plays like a mix between Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Crazy Taxi, as you roam around a city pulling off ridiculous tricks and delivering tasty tacos.

Your car in Tacopocalypse behaves more like a skateboard than a taco delivery automobile, with you able to jump, flip, spin and even grind at will.  You’ll need these … Read More

Late Last Nite – Game Jam Build Download

Late Last Nite

Late Last Nite, a point and click made for the adventure jam, takes you on a hilarious quest to find some missing items after a night out.

Morgan, a girl who enjoys a bit too much drinking, has lost all of her possessions. Missing a lighter, a wallet, and her cellphone, she is relying on you to figure out exactly where they have gone. … Read More

Punch Your Way To Heaven: DX – Game Jam Build Download

Punch Your Way To Heaven

Punch Your Way To Heaven is a fun retro action game created for the GameBoy Jam, in which you must punch people in the face and climb up their dead bodies to reach heaven and fight God!

Featuring a charming retro pixel art visual style and wonderfully catchy chip-tune music, Punch Your Way To Heaven is a silly but rather addictive experience.  You have a … Read More