Writhe: The Thing From The Omega Sector – Game Jam Build Download

Writhe game

Writhe: The Thing from the Omega Sector is a fun arcade action puzzler that sees you playing a multi-tentacle alien organism that must escape captivity and devour the scientists that imprisoned it.

Across each level you must avoid hazards, destroy security systems, eat all the scientists and escape via the teleporter.  This starts off fairly easily, but the difficulty soon ramps up as more and … Read More

Wild Flirting – Game Jam Build Download

Wild Flirting

Wild Flirting, a fun game made for the Ludum Dare 33, has you looking for a potential mate via a dating app on your phone and trying not to scare them off with your beast-like behaviour.

You have been quite lonely lately. Being a monster, you aren’t too good at normal social conventions, though you want to try your luck at love. After practicing … Read More

Nom Monster – Game Jam Build

Nom Monster

Nom Monster is a fun little mouse controlled game in which you play a monster, that uses various treats to ‘fish’ for humans, dragging them up into the trees and eating them up.

You guide your lures down through the trees and hook as many humans as you can.  But pesky dogs and birds can steal your bait and scupper your evil plans.  You must … Read More

No Credit, No Problem – Game Jam Build

no credit no problem

No Credit, No Problem is a short experience inspired by Papers, Please in which you spend a day working for a Title Loan Agent, accepting and declining applicants and charging extortionate amounts of interest.

Throughout the day you must process 10 applicants, scrutinising their application details for any errors and irregularities.  You have five rules that you must abide by when granting loans:  Applicants must … Read More

tiny & Tall: Gleipnir – Alpha Demo

tall and tiny gleipnir

tiny & Tall: Gleipnir is a beautiful hand drawn Norse mythology-based point and click adventure in which you assist tiny and Tall, two rather incompetent blacksmiths, on an epic quest to forge a magical link that will hold Fenrir – a gigantic wolf so powerful it can devour the Gods.

The Alpha Demo offers a short taster of things to come and is a … Read More