Everyday Misanthrope – Game Jam Build Download

Everyday Misanthrope

Everyday Misanthrope is a wonderfully wicked choose-your-own-misery simulation in which you aim to spread as much misery and ruin as many lives in a day as possible!

Taking the form of a choose your own adventure, you are given a choice of misery inducing actions throughout the day and then you watch with glee as they play out.  You must be strategic with your actions … Read More

Super Untitled Game – Alpha Demo

Super Untitled Game

Super Untitled Game is a fast, fun and super tough old school side-scrolling shooter inspired by Contra, Super Mario Bros 3 and U.N. Squadron, in which you play super cyborg soldiers who are humanity’s last hope against a massive alien invasion.

Featuring beautiful hand drawn pixel art animation and fast paced run and gun action filled with explosions, Super Untitled Game will feel … Read More

BLACKFESK – Game Jam Build Download


BLACKFESK is a wonderfully over the top QWOP-Like in which you control a gigantic deadly sea creature, smashing increasingly ludicrous enemies – from vikings to dinosaurs in flying mech suits.

Best played with a control pad (but playable with Keyboard), you use the analogue sticks to flail the monsters arms about, smashing anything in its way.  You use the L and R buttons independently to … Read More

Jet Racing Extreme – Alpha Download

jet racing extreme game

Rocket League has cemented everyone’s love for the rocket powered automobile, but just how easy is it to drive a jet propelled car handle really? Jet Racing Extreme proves it’s very hard indeed!

Jet Racing Extreme gives you access to a highly customisable (and destructible) jet powered car then sets you loose on super tough stunt tracks full of loop-the-loops, jumps and crash hazards.  Your … Read More

Tacopocalypse – Pre-Alpha Demo


Tacopocalypse is a fun taco delivery stunt driving game that plays like a mix between Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Crazy Taxi, as you roam around a city pulling off ridiculous tricks and delivering tasty tacos.

Your car in Tacopocalypse behaves more like a skateboard than a taco delivery automobile, with you able to jump, flip, spin and even grind at will.  You’ll need these … Read More