The Grandfather – Pre-Alpha Demo

The Grandfather

The Grandfather is a thoroughly bizarre story driven point and click horror adventure in which you control an old mans disembodied head, solving obscure puzzles that generally require you to cause as much destruction as possible.

Created by the twisted masterminds who created The Lady and Fingerbones, The Grandfather tells the story of an old man who is tormented by the coldness of his … Read More

Beast Mode – Game Jam Build

Beast Mode

Become the King of the Gym in this Ludum Dare 33 entry – Beast Mode, a bro-tastic QWOP-like pixel art weightlifting game.

While working out at X-Fit, you realize how much better you are than everyone at lifting weights. With tons of weights littering the gym floor, other members walk around and begin to lift. You know you have what it takes to be the … Read More

MonsterBall League – Student Project Download

MonsterBall League

MonsterBall League is a fun 2 vs 2 sport game with a big twist – the ball can get mad, transform and go on a rampage, throwing players into their own goal!

The aim in MonsterBall League is to score more goals than your opponent by throwing the ball into their net.  The only problem is that the ‘ball’ is a tiny monster who doesn’t … Read More

Hero Mate – Game Jam Build Download

Hero Mate

Hero Mate is a charming puzzle platformer in which you manoeuvre monsters into positions to assist a rather incompetent Mario-esque hero.

A brave (but stupid) hero is on a quest to save a princess, and charges ever forward, oblivious of any hazards in his path.  Your job as the monsters is to gently guide him across the levels, bouncing him across gaps and deadly … Read More

Dude, Stop – Game Jam Build Download

Dude, Stop 1

Dude, Stop is a fun little game in which you play a REAL monster – the type of person who leaves the toilet seat up, removes peoples bookmarks and wears socks with sandals.

Taking the form of short single screen puzzles, in Dude, Stop you must try to be as monstrous as possible, by performing acts of pure evil.  You’re the guy who leaves the … Read More