Fan Fright! – Game Jam Build Download

fan fright game

Fan Fright! is a fun little first person shooter in which you play as adorable voxel-based versions of Pewdiepie, Markiplier or Jacksepticeye, battling crazed fans and attempting to gain the most YouTube subscribers.

Created for the Indies Vs Gamers Game Jam, gameplay in Fan Fright! is simple but fun.  After being randomly assigned a popular YouTuber you roam around your house, picking up weapons, ammo … Read More

The Maestros – Alpha Download

the maestros

The Maestros a great looking RTS that we first covered last year, in which you play a commander who must gather an army of minions which can transform into powerful units on-the-fly.

The game takes place in a fun fantasy world, with two rival factions facing off against each other – Teutonia and Regalis.  Teutonia favour using large, clunky transforming robots, while Regalis prefer … Read More

The Big Red Button – Game Jam Build Download

the big red button

The Big Red Button is a short and silly game in which you must answer riddles and persuade a smart ass self-aware bomb (called Bob) not to blow up!

After rather stupidly pressing an ominous big red button, it’s up to you to undo your actions and diffuse a bomb.  Unfortunately for you it’s not going to be as simple as cutting some wires or … Read More

Uncontrollable Robot Man – Game Jam Build Download


Ever wanted to fly your own Iron Man suit?  Well now you can (sort of) with Uncontrollable Robot Man, an extremely hard to control toy robot with thrusters for arms and legs.

Played in a kids toy room, your ‘simple’ objective is to fly around and knock over all the toy plastic soldiers.  This is FAR easier than it sounds, as the QWOP-like control … Read More

Read Only Memoires – Alpha Demo

read only memories

Read Only Memories is a great new pixel art cyberpunk point and click adventure in which you and Turing – the worlds first sentient robot – explore the world of Neo-San Francisco, and discover what has happened to Turing’s creator.

Read Only Memories is inspired by classic point and click adventures such as Gabriel Knight and Snatcher, featuring charming pixel art visual design, well … Read More