The Hard Rock Riffs – Game Jam Build Download

the hard rock riffs

The Hard Rock Riffs is a very cool musical action game in which you must use combinations of keys on your keyboard to strum classic rock riffs, fending off your adoring fans long enough to make it to the limo.

The current build has two levels, each with different riffs sampled from classic songs (Back in Black & Sweet Child of Mine) and featuring charming … Read More

You Got Served: A Fist In The Face – Game Jam Build

you got served

You Got Served: A Fist In The Face is a very cool and highly addictive two button bar room brawler in which you use the arrow keys to fend off an ever increasing onslaught of thugs.

There’s an air of rhythm action around You Got Served: A Fist In The Face, as you must time your punches and kicks to make sure they land … Read More

Shoot That Pizza – Game Jam Build Download

shoot that pizza

Shoot That Pizza is a fun high score chasing arcade game, entered in the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam, that will have you destroying your favorite pizzas with a variety of weaponry.

In this game, you control a gun that is able to shoot pizzas! Many different types of pizzas fall from the top of the screen, waiting to be shot. When they are shot and … Read More

Baby’s First House Fire – Game Jam Build Download

babys first house fire

Baby’s First House Fire is a very silly physics based action game in which you control firemen attempting to rescue babies from a burning building.

There are a lot of babies and a lot of fire, so it’s unlikely that you’ll save them all but you must use any means available to save as many as possible (from throwing them out an open window to … Read More

Love Supreme – Prototype Download


Love Supreme is a marvelous little dancing game in which every key on the keyboard is mapped to a different movement of a body part.

Still VERY early in development, the prototype is a short, but joyous taster of things to come, with you busting a groove along to a super catchy funk song.  Most of the keys on the keyboard are mapped to a … Read More