Alien Afterlife – Beta Download


Alien Afterlife is a thoroughly bizarre experience in which you are dead and must battle aliens who have stolen a mechanism that is required to re-incarnate you into your new body.

Alien Afterlife is weird, very weird in fact. At first it seems to be an odd non-interactive narrative that sees you dying and having bizarre visions full of surreal artwork and aliens.  But as … Read More

Settle and Score: Love Encore – Game Jam Build Download


Settle and Score: Love Encore is a super silly little low poly speed dating game in which you must choose three different objects from your table to impress your date and (hopefully) find true love!

In Settle and Score: Love Encore the restaurant you’re dining in doesn’t just serve food, it serves love, or to be more accurate it serves up the ingredients that may … Read More

The Kickback – Game Jam Build Download


The Kickback is a super silly little football game in which you play a giant sentient football who scores points by kicking ragdoll footballers into the goals!

Footballs have been getting a kicking for a long time now, so it’s about time they fought back! In The Kickback you control a giant football who clomps around the pitch, kicking any footballers who are silly enough … Read More

Tracks – Game Jam Build Download


Tracks, a silly philosophical game made for the Stevens Game Development Club’s Game Jam, has you making huge life or death decisions while driving a train.

You have just received your philosophy degree and want to put it to good use. So obviously the best logical way to do this is by operating a train! Yes, you must make huge decisions by choosing which … Read More

Scribble Ships – Beta Download


Scribble Ships is a fun little 2D top down shooter in which you can draw your own ship and take it into battle against little doodle ships on a scrap of paper!

The evil black and white doodle spaceships are attacking you and attempting to take your color away. It’s up to you to blast them with your paint guns to color them in and … Read More