Weapon Shortage – Game Jam Build

Weapon Shortage

Weapon Shortage is a daft little game created for Ludum 32 in which you can hammer together a variety of odd items – from bananas to human heads – then test them out in increasingly tough waves of arena combat.

Building the weapons is pretty simple once you get the hang of it – simply drag the items on-top of each other then hammer them … Read More

Bad Onion – Prototype Download

Bad Onion

Bad Onion, a brutally funny game made for the Let’s Cook Jam, see’s you playing an onion carrying out a variety of heists with your banana friend, making choices that affect how smoothly the heist goes and how much blood is spilled.

You and your banana buddy have turned to a life of crime – robbing stores and double crossing drug dealers, in … Read More

Soopa Vs The Universal Conquest Bagel – Game Jam Build Download

soopa vs

Soopa vs the Universal Conquest Bagel, an action platformer made for the Universal Conquest Bagel Jam, needs you to save the small country of Derpensnaans from evil, oversized bagels!

An enormous space-bagel full of power has targeted a little restaurant in this small town. This bagel was able to fire a beam of energy into the restaurant, causing all the food to turn evil … Read More

Block Party Sports – Alpha Demo

block party sports

Block Party Sports is a hilarious physics based sports game for one to four players, that see’s ridiculous rag doll sportsmen do battle across a variety of popular (and not so popular) sports.

The Alpha Demo features the Soccer gameplay mode, playable in single player, co-op, Vs and 4 player Vs.  You’re not going to get Fifa-levels of realism in Block Party Sports, … Read More

Old Fashioned Beast Hunter – Game Jam Build Download


Old Fashioned Beast Hunter is a super tough hunting game that makes firing a gun a remarkably tricky experience.

Featuring a charming pixel art visual style and high stakes instant death gameplay, you set out across the land hunting beasts.  These beast are deadly, so you’re best sneaking up behind them and timing your shots perfectly – one missed shot can mean the difference between … Read More