Flippfly Prototype Showdown: Round 3

roofus mows the lawn flippfly

Beware, beware the Ides of March as they bring yet another round of Flippfly’s Prototype Showdown to our computer screens! Of course, Flippfly’s fabulous prototypes are infinitely more enjoyable than being stabbed to death by angry senators in ancient Rome, but we’re getting off-track. We’ve previously covered Flippfly’s Prototype Showdown here on Alpha Beta Gamer; the last round saw wave-based survival game The Last Read More

Lemmus Lemmus – Game Jam Build

Lemmus Lemmus

Lemmus Lemmus is a bizarre, little puzzle game built for the MADJAM 2016: Global Game Jam where you must appease a monster by commanding a group of villagers to perform various feats of human acrobatics.

In Lemmus Lemmus, you’ll control various villagers of different sizes, stacking them up to match the drawing provided by the monstrous mountain beast. You only have until the end … Read More

Mechanical Feelings – Game Jam Build Download

Mechanical feelings game

Mechanical Feelings is a funny and cleverly designed game set in the year 4022, that sees you using a Historitech™ program and their patented ‘Board of Keys Interface™’ to experience first hand what it was like to live back in the year 2016.

Played almost entirely by swiping the keys on your keyboard in different directions (as they did back 2016, with their primitive, fledgling … Read More

Ritual Ware – Game Jam Build Download

ritual ware

Ritual Ware, a Wario Ware-Style Game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you quickly going through your daily routine and carrying out some increasingly bizarre tasks.

In this short but super fun game, you are a playing a perfectly normal man. He is going about his completely normal and not at all demon-esque day. As fast as you possibly can, you … Read More

Ritu-Blah-Blau – Game Jam Build Download

ritu blah blau

Ritu-Blah-Blau, an endless multitasking walker made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you keeping up with your social network and avoiding obstacles while walking down the sidewalk.

You just have bought your first smartphone! Now, you are able to connect to 4G and use your phone to socialize with your besties via Gazebook. Much like a popular website with a similar name, … Read More