MonsterBall League – Student Project Download

MonsterBall League

MonsterBall League is a fun 2 vs 2 sport game with a big twist – the ball can get mad, transform and go on a rampage, throwing players into their own goal!

The aim in MonsterBall League is to score more goals than your opponent by throwing the ball into their net.  The only problem is that the ‘ball’ is a tiny monster who doesn’t … Read More

Hero Mate – Game Jam Build Download

Hero Mate

Hero Mate is a charming puzzle platformer in which you manoeuvre monsters into positions to assist a rather incompetent Mario-esque hero.

A brave (but stupid) hero is on a quest to save a princess, and charges ever forward, oblivious of any hazards in his path.  Your job as the monsters is to gently guide him across the levels, bouncing him across gaps and deadly … Read More

Dude, Stop – Game Jam Build Download

Dude, Stop 1

Dude, Stop is a fun little game in which you play a REAL monster – the type of person who leaves the toilet seat up, removes peoples bookmarks and wears socks with sandals.

Taking the form of short single screen puzzles, in Dude, Stop you must try to be as monstrous as possible, by performing acts of pure evil.  You’re the guy who leaves the … Read More

Strike of Rage! – Game Jam Build

strike of rage 

Strike of Rage! is a fun 2D side-scrolling pixel art action brawler in which you play a disgruntled company employee who has been denied a pay rise so decides to kick some ass and make his miserly boss boss pay by force.

Inspired by Double Dragon and Streets of Rage, it’s a short, fun game in which you fight your way past company employees … Read More

Monstre De Coiffure – Game Jam Build

Monstre De Coiffure

Monstre De Coiffure is a very silly monster makeover game in which you give haircuts and apply make-up to a procession of grotesque monsters.

Your unenviable task is to make each monster look like the mannequin on the right hand side of the screen.  To you this you can give it different haircuts and apply hair dye, make-up, mascara and lipstick.  You can’t waste any … Read More