Cloudbase Prime – Alpha Download (Update)

cloudbase prime games

Cloudbase Prime is an odd, little first-person shooter/platformer we’ve covered before on Alpha Beta Gamer, but the dev (Tyrus Peace) has just released a new build with some significant additions and upgrades.

In Cloudbase Prime, you play as a hapless, robo-suited miner just trying to survive your first work shift on an unstable gas giant. To complete each level, you’ll need to alternate between … Read More

Floppy Frog – Game Jam Build

Floppy Frog

Floppy Frog is a ridiculously tough two button QWOP-like platformer in which you control the joints on a rather strange looking frog and attempt to guide it towards the exit of each level.

There are six levels in total and you’ll need some serious frog flopping skills to make it to the end.  To move your body you simply have to press L and F … Read More

Drawn Story – Alpha Demo

Drawn Story

Drawn Story is a nifty, little puzzle-adventure game where you must solve point-&-click-style puzzles by drawing objects for your hapless stickman friend to use.

Drawn Story has a lot in common with Drawn To Life, the action-adventure platformer originally released in late 2007 for the Nintendo DS. In both games, you must draw objects to complete puzzles and overcome new obstacles, though due to a difference in … Read More

Pee-er the French Park Liquid Cleaning Robot – Game Jam Build Download


Pee-er the French Park Liquid Cleaning Robot, a silly puzzle game made for the AGDS Jam #1, has you cleaning up the park with your well adjusting (and rather inappropriately placed) hose.

In this game, you play as Pee-er, a french park cleaner who uses his well placed, adjusting hose to move bear poop into the pond. Small balls of poop are dotted around … Read More

Caravella’s Critical Crisis – Game Jam Build Download

Carvavellas Critical Crisis

Caravella’s Critical Crisis is a game within a game that sees you playing Giant Bomb’s Vinny Caravella as he attempts to juggle household emergencies while trying to play Hideo Kojima’s new game – Critical Crisis.

Set in an alternate version of 2015, you play Kojima’s new game on the left hand of the screen, and have to pause it to deal with the masses … Read More