The Golden Tulip – Game Jam Build Download

The Golden Tulip is a fun little first person puzzler that sees you listening in on suspects conversations to figure out who your target is, then blowing them up to stop a nuclear war.

In The Golden Tulip you take control of a spy/assassin who is holed up in The Golden Tulip hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. Across the road is another hotel, filled with suspects, … Read More

Space Co-Op QWOP in a Coffee Shop – Game Jam Build Download

Space Co-Op QWOP in a Coffee Shop is a co-op game or single player QWOP-like that sees you trying to manoeuvre a spaceman around a coffee shop to complete a list of strange daily chores.

In Space Co-Op QWOP in a Coffee Shop you control your little astronaut with the WASD buttons and are able to grab things with the Q and E buttons if … Read More

Tuned in to Love – Game Jam Build

Tuned in to Love, a silly automotive dating simulator made for the Global Game Jam 2018, has you chatting over the Ham Radio and trying to meet the love of your life.

InĀ Tuned in to Love you are an enthusiast in the automotive world, traveling around in your truck, always on the road. Being on the road is lonely at times, but you … Read More

Virus N – Game Jam Build Download

Virus N is an incredibly gross little game in which you attempt to spread a contagion as fast as possible before its carriers die horribly!

In Virus N you control the hosts of a particularly nasty disease and must keep passing it on to new hosts before your current one dies. The disease mutates throughout its lifetime creating different effects in the host – causing … Read More