Superliminal – Limited Time Demo

Superliminal is a wonderfully inventive perspective-based first person puzzle adventure where the size and shape of an object is strangely malleable, and is dependent on depth and perspective.

After falling asleep during a TV commercial for “Dr.Pierce’s Somnasculpt dream therapy program” you find yourself in a dreamworld where the normal rules of physics don’t apply. Superliminal’s strange dream-world is full of puzzles based on forced-perspective … Read More

Mergers – Game Jam Build Download

Mergers is an odd little narrative-driven game where an office desk becomes the focal point of a wonderfully twisted tale of drugs, sex, betrayal and subterfuge.

Created for the Strawberry Jam 4, Mergers is a darkly humorous little thriller which is entirely told while looking at a small circular mirror atop an office desk. The mirror in question is indeed used for snorting large amounts … Read More

Briefcase Inc. – Beta Demo

Briefcase Inc. is a hardcore precision splatformer where you switch between three differently skilled characters to collect briefcases and make your way through levels.

In Briefcase Inc. you control three uniquely skilled office workers as they make their way through deadly levels filled with insta-kill hazards. One character can wall-jump, one can hack terminals and one can use a shield, and they all have different … Read More

Fishing Vacation – Game Jam Build Download

Fishing Vacation is a quirky and oddly charming Game Boy styled fishing horror adventure where you and your buddy go to a remote lakeside cabin for a few days of fun, fishing and frights.

After getting a call from an old friend, you set out for a little fishing vacation at his estranged uncle’s lakeside cabin. It’s been 10 years since you’ve been fishing and … Read More