10 Dead Doves – Alpha Demo

10 Dead Doves is a 00’s styled fixed perspective narrative-driven horror adventure where two goofy hikers go in search of a mysterious hidden location called the Ant Farm.

In 10 Dead Doves you follow the adventure of Marcus and Sean – two long term hiking buddies who set out in search of the Ant Farm – a mysterious place with a dark past. Their journey … Read More

Nowhere, MI – Alpha Demo

Nowhere, MI is an absurdist retro styled first person metroidvania adventure where you search for your brother in a town that’s filled with weird secrets.

Currently in development by Feverdream Johnny (creator of Lets Go! Baby! Friends World and Peeb Adventures), Nowhere, MI is a first person metroidvania set in a mysterious town that was home to an experimental reactor detonation. To say the … Read More

Dead Pets Unleashed – Kickstarter Demo

Dead Pets Unleashed is a bizarre and beautifully animated narrative-driven adventure where a layabout demon attempts to hit the big time with their band.

In Dead Pets Unleashed you step into the shoes of Gordy – a thirty-something demon who isn’t really having much success in romance, work or life in general. You work a dead end job at a local burger joint and you’re … Read More

To Be Continued – Game Jam Build Download

To Be Continued is a narrative driven RPG adventure where characters that have been killed off in movies, literature and video games fight each other for their survival.

In To Be Continued your character has been killed off in the first pages of a book. He took a bullet to save the main character and is now dead and pretty much forgotten about for the … Read More

It’s a Wrap – Beta Demo

It’s a Wrap is an inventive puzzle platforming adventure set on 80’s movie sets where you can time the actions of environmental events to help your hero reach his goal.

An expanded version of the original game jam prototype, It’s a Wrap is a precision puzzle platfomrer where you don’t just need to perfectly time the movements of your character, but the environmental cues as … Read More