God’s Gift – Kickstarter Demo

God’s Gift is a wonderfully wicked pixel art puzzle platformer that blends Pikmin/Lemmings-esque gameplay with Lovecraftian monsters as you mutate and sacrifice your cultist followers to appease the Elder Gods and fight a mysterious enemy.

In God’s Gift you control an emissary of the Elder Gods who has been sent to earth to gather flesh and souls to allow the Elder Gods to reform … Read More

Department of Truth Correction – Game Jam Build

Department of Truth Correction is a rage-inducingly tough little physics based sorting game where you have to shred, incinerate, archive and authorise documents fast and accurately or risk getting blown to pieces by a bomb!

In Department of Truth Correction you find yourself sat at a desk with a large bomb and a stack of documents. You also have specific instructions about what documents go … Read More

Fragments – Game Jam Build

Fragments is a wonderfully weird little first person puzzle platforming adventure a talking turkey talks you through a world where reality is broken and normal objects can have some crazy side effects if you interact with them.

It seems that your uncle Jerry has been tinkering with the reality drive he’s been working on and has caused reality to become “Inaccurate”. You need to search … Read More

Cheeky Chooks – Beta Download

Cheeky Chooks is an adorable little farming game that allows you to create your own chicken farm, and to be successful you’ll need to keep these little creatures happy!

In Cheeky Chooks your farm starts off quite plain and small, but the tutorial walks you through all the necessities of the chickens. Normal chickens need normal items like water, food, and a perch. At night, … Read More

Pieces Between Us – Game Jam Build

Pieces Between Us is a charming little narrative driven first person puzzle adventure in which you try to get the right perspectives of artwork in a gallery while also gaining the right perspective on a disagreement between two elementary school friends.

Billy and Timmy are two elementary school students who are best friends and do everything together. But one day Timmy says he can’t be … Read More