Total Anarchy – Alpha Download

Total Anarchy is a top down open world action game reminiscent of GTA 1 and 2, which sees you stealing cars, beating up citizens, listening to the radio, using guns, blowing up stuff and basically causing carnage in Pavillion City.

In Total Anarchy you take control of a disgruntled office employee who has just been fired for being crap at his job (and for selling … Read More


The MOTHERGUNSHIP devs have released a very cool new demo build which allows players to craft all manner of high powered weaponry and test them out in eight enemy-filled arenas.

As we mentioned during the Beta sign up MOTHERGUNSHIP is an intense first person shooter that features an awesome blend of OTT weaponry, bullet hell and badass bosses. It puts you in the heavily armed … Read More

Iratus: Lord of the Dead – Kickstarter Demo

Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a hardcore roguelike turn based RPG that sees you taking on the role of a necromancer who summons undead minions to slay humans and escape from his prison.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead’s nefarious dungeon crawling draws inspiration from the gameplay of Darkest Dungeon and the sardonic tone of Dungeon Keeper. In it you are an evil … Read More

Aye Fair Lady – Game Jam Build

Aye Fair Lady is a hilarious musical point and click adventure that sees you attempting to win a singing competition so that you can put an end to the tyranny of National Singing Day.

In Aye Fair Lady you take control of Steggy, who you may remember from her previous hilarious outing in Holy Mollusomony, as she attempts to put an end to National … Read More

Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90’s – Beta Demo

Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90’s is a weirdly charming blend of point and click puzzling and visual novel artwork which sees you engaged in the highly dangerous pastime of stealing panties from pretty women.

In Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90’s you take on the role of a pantie thief who poses as different tradesmen to get into the houses of pantie owners. The … Read More