Handcop – Prototype Download

Handcop is a lighthearted third person shooter that looks like a first person shooter, with you controlling a hand who is a cop and carries a big gun!

An expansion of the Hand of Pain! game jam prototype by the same developer, Handcop is a third person shooter where (as the title suggests) you are a hand who is a cop. You take on the … Read More

Cursed to Golf – Beta Demo

Cursed to Golf is a golf-like 2D adventure where a cursed golfer attempts to golf his way out of purgatory after dying just before the end of a world record breaking round.

Based on the browser game of the same name, Cursed to Golf follows the adventure of a professional golfer who is struck by lighting and killed while about to sink a shot that … Read More

The Gregory Ranch – Game Jam Build Download

The Gregory Ranch is a simple, silly and oddly addictive little incremental game where you grow weird creatures (called Gregorys) on a ranch and merge them together to form a supreme Gergory!

Created for the MachaMaze spring jam, the gameplay in The Gregory Ranch is pretty simple – you just click on the little growths that appear in the ground to pull out little Gregorys … Read More