Katamari’s Kamatari – Game Jam Build

Katamari’s Kamatari plays like a blend of Katamari Damacy and Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy as you attach objects to yourself and try to make it through a series of challenging obstacle-filled levels.

In Katamari’s Kamatari you control a little circular head that can roll into objects and attach them, much like in Katamari Damacy. You need to attach these objects in such … Read More

Candy Coven – Alpha Demo

Candy Coven is a charming, cheerful and funny metroidvania where little witch sets out on a quest to become the Chosen One armed with an endless supply of candy.

A sequel/remake of the also excellent Witch: A Special Delivery, (which we’d also recommend checking out), Candy Coven puts you in the shoes of a cute little witch who finds a spell book that contains … Read More

The Big Book of Riddles – Student Project Game

The Big Book of Riddles is a darkly humorous little narrative driven puzzle game where you attempt to answer the right answers in a riddle book while being guided through it by a melancholic narrator.

In The Big Book of Riddles you’re presented with a book that’s full of pop-up scenes which the narrator will then ask you a riddle about – such as “A … Read More

Knife 2 Meat U – Game Jam Build

Knife 2 Meat U is a ridiculous physics based psycho crab puzzle platforming adventure where you control a knife wielding crustacean who escapes from a swamp and terrorises a couple of humans.

Your knife wielding crab starts Knife 2 Meat U splashing about in a swamp. Quite why a crab is in a swamp is never actually explained, but once you get your bearings you … Read More