Gorilla Town – Beta Download

Gorilla Town is a brilliantly bizarre looking artillery warfare game where you control a robot gorilla who launches explosive fruit at enemies in an imaginary 1920’s Art Deco world.

Playable in single-player or turn-based local multiplayer, Gorilla Town draws inspiration from the classic 1091 Gorillas game for MS-DOS and sees you controlling a robot gorilla that causes untold devastation by hurling explosive fruit across beautiful … Read More

Rovonaut Comrade – Game Jam Build Download

Rovonaut Comrade is an excellent little first person 1980’s Russian cosmonaut Mars Rover operating simulator where you attempt you guide a rover to the crash site of a colonization vessel.

In Rovonaut Comrade you take control of a Russian cosmonaut who remotely operates a Mars Rover from a pod shaped command console in an orbiting spacecraft. A colonization vessel containing many crew has recently drifted … Read More

Pizza Tower: Peppino’s Xmas Break – Alpha Demo

Pizza Tower: Peppino’s Xmas Break is a special festive themed demo build of the upcoming Pizza Tower game, this time seeing your beautifully animated pizza delivery man sent on a missing by Santa – to destroy a Xmas Tower that’s sucking all of the holiday spirit out of the land!

If you’ve played any of the previous demo builds of Pizza Tower then you’ll know … Read More

Mr Red’s Jolly Balls – Alpha Download

Mr Red’s Jolly Balls is a delightfully silly and charming little festive third person platforming adventure where you fight evil gnomes and return stolen presents to children at Christmas time.

Mr Red’s Jolly Balls starts with a wonderfully whimsical little live-action sock-puppet intro video, telling you that the evil Nutkraken has stolen all the Snowball Kids’ presents and Mr Red sets out to set things … Read More