Mother Chef: The Musical – Download Game

Mother Chef: The Musical is a very silly little adventure where you listen to ridiculous songs that your customer sings then make food babies for him to eat.

Created for the Wowie Jam 3.0, in Mother Chef: The Musical you are tasked with preparing three delicious meals for a customer. However, this is no ordinary cooking game. First your customer raps a song that contains … Read More

The Amazing Poopy Parker – Game Jam Build Download

The Amazing Poopy Parker is a hilarious physics-based Spider-Man parody where you use strings of poop to propel yourself through urban environments and beat bad guys.

Created for Ludum Dare 49, The Amazing Poopy Parker is a very silly and gloriously crude physics-based platformer where you use poop rather than spider-webs to fight crime. The ridiculous premise is that you were bitten by a radioactive … Read More

Fallen Aces – Beta Demo

Fallen Aces is a very stylish first person brawler where you punch, bludgeon, stab and shoot your way through dens of villainy in a corrupt crime noir city.

With gameplay inspired by classic 90’s FPS games (but with much more brawling) and a very slick comic book style, Fallen Aces makes you feel like the hero of your very own comic book. In the game … Read More

POSTAL: Brain Damaged – Beta Demo

POSTAL: Brain Damaged is an anarchic and action packed boomer shooter POSTAL spin-off that takes place in The POSTAL Dude’s warped and damaged mind.

In POSTAL: Brain Damaged it seems that The POSTAL Dude has had a few too many concussions and drug binges, and now he’s totally wacko. He’s now been locked up in an asylum but he can still run rampant in his … Read More

ILLWILL – Alpha Demo

ILLWILL is a wonderfully squelchy old school first person shooter with big guns and monsters that explode into chunks of meat and blood when you blast them.

Drawing inspiration from DOOM, Quake, Blood and Serious Sam, ILLWILL is a very stylish and comedically brutal old school boomer shooter. It’s still early in development so there’s no story in place at the moment, but it … Read More