Blackout – Game Jam Build

Blackout is a charming little pixel art pound and click adventure that follows the story of an amnesiac witch who discovers a house full of corpses and monsters.

Created for Ludum Dare 48, Blackout starts is a classic point and click adventure about a young woman who is dressed like a witch ends up with amnesia after falling off a roof and banging her head. … Read More

Going Down in Fishstory – Game Jam Build

Going Down in Fishstory is a charming and creative 2D little underwater adventure that follows the story of three little fish as they descend down to the bottom of the ocean.

Created for Ludum Dare 48, in Going Down in Fishstory you are a little globefish called Bubblyn who needs to make her way to the breeding grounds deep down at the bottom of the … Read More

Moth Extraction – Game Jam Build Download

Moth Extraction is a short and incredibly gross little game where you try and pull a moth out of your ear using a weird floppy hook!

Created for Ludum Dare 48, in Moth Extraction you find yourself with a moth lodged in your ear canal and you need to extract it. This is easier said than done though as your extraction tool is a floppy … Read More