Big Boy Boxing – Beta Demo

Big Boy Boxing is a Punch-Out!! inspired arcade boxing game where you attempt to pummel a variety of oddball pugilists into submission.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago, Big Boy Boxing is a boss-rush arcade boxing game inspired by Punch-Out!! and Cuphead. The latest demo features four boxes to battle, each with different boxing styles and challenging secondary … Read More

Lucky Tower Ultimate – Alpha Demo

Lucky Tower Ultimate is a very funny roguelike action adventure where a narcissistic knight attempts to escape from a deadly tower.

The 2D action platforming gameplay in Lucky Tower Ultimate is a little like Rogue Legacy, but with lots more laughs and nudity. You take on the role of a rather hapless knight who is trapped at the top of a randomly generated tower. … Read More

TOBOR – Beta Demo

TOBOR is a voyeuristic Sci-Fi surveillance simulation adventure where you watch video feeds and gather evidence about a tragic mystery.

Drawing inspiration from Do Not Feed The Monkeys, TOBOR puts you in the role of a robot who has been tasked with observing the final seven days of a cast of eclectic characters. There are 16 camera feeds that play out in real time … Read More