Throw it Down (to Earth) – Game Jam Build Download

Throw it Down (to Earth) is a funny little game where you use a laser pointer to help a cat do what they do best – knock objects onto the floor.

Created for the 2019 Epic MegaJam, Throw it Down (to Earth) is a simple and fun little game where you make a cat chase a laser pointer so that it knocks every object off … Read More

The Howler – Game Jam Build

The Howler is a short and beautifully drawn little game where you make a lot of angry noise to gain followers.

There’s no description or backstory for The Howler, but the message behind it seems to be quite pertinent to the current political climate. In the game you control a little artist who can let out a big angry howl by pressing the left … Read More

Trash Bandits, I Am Fish & Pigeon Simulator – Prototype Downloads

Trash Bandits, I Am Fish and Pigeon Simulator are three prototypes released by Bossa Games (creators of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread), with an aim of letting the public help decide which of them are made into a full game.

Trash Bandits is a physics based split-screen multiplayer game for 2-4 players and sees rival teams of foxes driving around a city … Read More

Nothing – Game Jam Build Download

Nothing is a quirky little puzzle platformer where EVERYTHING is a collectable upgrade – including sound FX, jumping and even moving left.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, in Nothing you start the game with nothing – no sound and a character that can’t move in any direction. However, as you progress you collect upgrades which flesh out you abilities and your experience. These upgrades start … Read More

Kart Souls: Prepare to Ride Edition – Game Jam Build Download

Kart Souls: Prepare to Ride Edition is a funny mash up of Mario Kart and Dark Souls, which sees you driving your kart through various deadly dungeons based on the world of Dark Souls.

Kart Souls: Prepare to Ride Edition isn’t a racing game, it’s a Soulsian dungeon crawler where you drive around on a kart. The dark fantasy world of Dark SoulsRead More