Your Last 10 Seconds – Game Jam Build

Your Last 10 Seconds is a quirky little game where you can only open your eyes for a total of 10 seconds before you die and can only communicate with your loved ones by blinking your eyes.

You’re on your deathbed in a hospital and only have the energy to open your eyes for a total of 10 seconds. Your family are visiting though so … Read More

Midnight Grub Session – Game Jam Build

Midnight Grub Session is a fun little Metal Gear Solid parody where your aim is to sneak around your house at night and eat enough snacks to get “dummy thicc” without getting caught by your partner.

In Midnight Grub Session you control Jim, a skinny guy on a mission to get dummy thicc. You get thicc by sneaking out of bed in the middle of … Read More

Deusimator – Student Game

Deusimator is a thoroughly bizarre fusion of Jalopy-esque car simulation and boxing where you beat up a rampaging Kaiju while driving a car/mech hybrid!

You start Deusimator sat within a normal(ish) looking car interior. Much like in any car It’s got a radio, ignition, a steering wheel, window wipers and a horn, all of which you can interact with. However, it also comes with … Read More

Sticky Cats – Alpha Download

Sticky Cats is a hilarious physics based party game where each player controls a very sticky cat as they attempt to steal a fish and escape out of the window with it!

Claws are great for allowing cats to grab hold of things, but in Sticky Cats they can cause quite a few problems. Everywhere your cat’s claws come into contact with something (even other … Read More