The Smart – Game Jam Build Download

The Smart is a ridiculously tough Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy style physics based climbing game where you attempt to overcome a wide variety of obstacles using a wierd little spinning paddle.

Created for the Studio 1 Physics Games Jam, The Smart plays a lot like Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy, but rather than using a sledgehammer to propel yourself, you control … Read More

Project Starship X – Beta Demo

Project Starship X (PSX) is a wonderfully weird and over the top Anime styled vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up where you blast and dodge your way through all manner of crazy cosmic horrors – including giant crab monsters and a zombie Hitler!

You’ve never played a shoot ‘em up like Project Starship X before. It blends humor with chaos, carnage and cosmic horror as your … Read More

Blubber Busters – Kickstarter Demo

Blubber Busters is a 2D action platforming adventure where you fight your way through the insides of gigantic space whales and blast away the gunk, slime and parasitic creatures that have accumulated inside them.

In Blubber Busters you control a team of Blubber Busters – highly trained workers who have the unenviable job of exploring the innards of giant space whales and cleaning away all … Read More

Pumpkin Jack – Beta Demo

Pumpkin Jack is a good old fashioned PS2 era inspired third person platforming adventure where you step into the boots of a mythical Pumpkin Lord who works for the Devil.

An evil curse has been unleashed upon the land and there’s only one person who can stop it! That person is… not you! In fact you have been summoned by the Devil to stop the … Read More