Redundancy – Game Jam Build Download

Redundancy is a fun little retro styled horror game where you fix computers for a company that really doesn’t value its employees!

Created for the ScreamLite™ Jam, in Redundancy you are an IT worker at a company that works in robotics. Most of the computers in the building are having serious errors, so you need to go around them all and fix them. Fixing them … Read More

Cold Calling – Beta Demo

Cold Calling is a hilarious narrative-driven Cold War puzzle game where you connect calls between political figures to help the JFK administration prevent a nuclear war.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Cold Calling is a very funny game where you stumble into a job of a switchboard operator during the Cuban Missle Crisis of 1962. You must connect calls between … Read More

CLEO: A Pirate’s Tale – Alpha Demo

CLEO: A Pirate’s Tale is a lighthearted pirate adventure that draws inspiration from Monkey Island and Zelda as a cynical young girl who yearns for adventure ends up getting exactly that!

In CLEO: A Pirate’s Tale you follow the adventure of Cleo, a young girl who is fascinated with the legendary adventures of the pirate captain Cabeca, but is stuck in a boring fishing village … Read More

The Prime Minister of Silly Walks – Game Jam Build Download

The Prime Minister of Silly Walks is a very silly and hilarious trashy little adventure where you become the leader of the United States of Silly Walks and set out to save the world from Walks of Mass Destruction (and other dangerously silly walks).

In The Prime Minister of Silly Walks you take on the role of a succession of Prime Ministers of the U.S.S.W. … Read More