Computer, Open That Door! – Game Jam Build Download

computer open that door 2

Computer, Open That Door! is a sci-fi, murder simulation game built for Ludum Dare 30 where you play as a rogue artificial intelligence hellbent on eliminating the remaining members of your spaceship’s crew.

In order to successfully rid your decks of the biological infestation known as Man, you’ll need to isolate and exterminate each crew member using the ship’s various systems. Each system has an … Read More

Conga Master – Game Jam Build Download

conga master game

Conga Master is a super happy, hip swinging, finger snapping conga game in which you dance around a discotheque gathering party-goers for your Snake-like conga line.

Your aim is to create as long a conga line as possible, by dancing around other party-goers until they decide to join your train.  The controls are simple, with just 2 buttons to direct your movement, but it can … Read More

Jason The Greek – Alpha Demo

Jason the Greek

Jason The Greek is a point-and-click adventure game retelling the ancient epic of Jason and the Argonauts but with a twist of modern humor and a sprinkling of Star Trek references.

You play as the titular character of Jason as he attempts to reunite with his crew following some shark-related incident on the high seas. Jason The Greek follows closely in the footsteps of the … Read More

Hitogotchi – Game Jam Build Download


Hitogotchi is a wonderfully wicked 2D reverse-Tamagotchi game that doubles as a visual novel in which you are the one being taken care of, as you play a bloodthirsty monster being looked after by a caretaker.

Throughout your time with your carer you take part in various activities, talk and form a bond with her (or not depending on your choices), but underneath you’re … Read More

Seven Weeks Of Cat Monarchy – Game Jam Build Download

seven weeks of cat monarchy

Seven Weeks of Cat Monarchy is a funny cat-based adventure in which you have to cover for the Cat Monarch who’s gone on holiday for seven weeks, and must make important decisions in his absence.

Throughout your reign as Cat Monarch you have to listen to your subjects requests and decide whether to grant them their simple wishes or to deny them (often in hysterically … Read More