Marinette – Beta Demo

Marinette is a beautifully crafted RPG Maker horror adventure where a young girl ends up trapped in a spooky dollhouse filled with living dolls.

In Marinette you follow the adventure of a young girl called Marinette, whose father has recently died. Marinette is close to her older sister (Marion) but Marion and her mother have fallen out, so they don’t get to see each other … Read More

ClayTown Horror – Alpha Demo

ClayTown Horror is a very creepy claymation styled first person horror game where you find yourself trapped in a cardboard dollhouse that’s home to murderous clay monstrosities.

In ClayTown Horror you are a lone visitor to a mysterious cardboard dollhouse. The reason for your visit can differ each time you play, but one thing is always the same – the dollhouse is creepy as hell! … Read More