LOCUST, USA – Prototype Download

LOCUST, USA is a Breakout/Pinball inspired horror game where four kids attempt to uncover the dark secrets hidden in the small American town of Locust.

Drawing inspiration from Stranger Things, TRON and World of Horror, LOCUST, USA features a fantastic fusion of Breakout style block breaking and Pinball. As you smash your way through a series of single screen levels you’ll follow … Read More

Deathless Hyperion – Prototype Download

Deathless Hyperion is a tense and atmospheric retro Sci-Fi horror FPS where you blast your way through a monster-filled space station and use clones as lives.

Drawing inspiration from Wolfenstein 3D and Blake Stone, Deathless Hyperion is a Sci-Fi horror old school FPS set aboard a huge monster-filled space station. In the game you need to search the station for valuables and fuel, then … Read More

Mother’s Little Helper – Game Jam Build Download

Mother’s Little Helper is a short and sinister little cooking horror game where you prepare a meal with your mother.

Created for Discord Jam #5, in Mother’s Little Helper you are a little kid who has been sent to the kitchen to assist their mother as she cooks a meal for your father and his guests. You have to grab ingredients and prepare them for … Read More