Airtight City – Beta Demo

Airtight City is a third person survival horror adventure that plays like a blend of Resident Evil and Dead Space, as you attempt to escape from a prison that’s overrun with zombie-like monsters whose limbs you have to blast off to kill them.

Drawing inspiration from classic survival horror games like Resident Evil and Dead Space, Airtight City puts you in the role … Read More

TRIGGORE – Game Jam Build Download

TRIGGORE blends old school shooting gallery gameplay with survival horror as you attempt to survive for as long as possible while being attacked by grotesque monsters.

Created by Francis Colombe and LumpyTouch (creator of the wonderfully weird Garfield Gameboy’d animations), TRIGGORE requires some real multitasking and shooting skills as you attempt to defend yourself from hordes of gruesome monsters who are invading your home. You … Read More

Sewer – Game Jam Build

Sewer is a terrifying little first person horror game where you can’t trust what you see as you chase a freaky scurrying kid through a sewer system.

You start Sewer alone in a large open sewer system with the light on your phone to light your way. There’s no narrative about what you’re doing there, but it soon becomes apparent that there’s a young girl … Read More

Shrouded – Alpha Demo

Shrouded is a very freaky retro Lovecraftian survival horror adventure where a young woman unravels the dark secrets of a mysterious library that’s claimed the lives of 27 people.

In Shrouded you follow the story of Carmen, a young university student who is digging into the local history of her town. The local library would be the perfect place to carry out this research, if … Read More

Cardiac – Prototype Dowload

Cardiac is a gross and surreal little horror experience where you use tendrils to propel a big sloppy heart through the game world.

In Cardiac you take control of a big fleshy heart which moves by shooting out tendrils – a little like Spider-Man but infinitely more disgusting. Despite the odd means of propulsion, it’s quite easy to get to grips with, with you simply … Read More