Indagar – Alpha Demo

Indagar is a freaky first person horror game that sees you searching an abandoned apartment building for your daughter.

In Indagar you take on the role of a worried father whose daughter has been kidnapped. You receive instructions to come alone to an old apartment building called “La Hacienda” and when you get there you find it to be abandoned – or almost abandoned, there … Read More

The Mannequin – Alpha Demo

The Mannequin is a dread-filled first person horror adventure that blends terror with tragedy as you’re tormented by a dead-eyed mannequin while uncovering the mystery of murdered family in a creepy old house.

In The Mannequin you take on the role of Lisa, a young woman whose father has just inherited a long abandoned house in the heart of London. You’ve been sent around to … Read More

Bitter Tides – Alpha Demo

Bitter Tides is a surreal psychological horror game with puzzle and stealth elements that sees you trying to piece together what’s really going on in the mysterious desert dream world you’re trapped in.

Bitter Tides is set in a nightmarish dream world made of half remembered incidents, where monsters of the fallen abyss crawl aimlessly. The full version of Bitter Tides will contain stealth action … Read More

Marines: Alien Storm – Alpha Demo

Marines: Alien Storm is a tense and atmospheric Aliens fan game that plans to take you on missions set within various locations from the movies, from LV-426 to the USM Auriga from Alien: Resurrection.

The current build of Marines: Alien Storm features a single level, set on LV-426 and allows you to explore some of the landscape and the terraforming facility within it. It … Read More