Night of the Scarecrows – Steam Key Giveaway

Night of the Scarecrows is a hardcore first person horror arena shooter where you’re doing well if you manage to stay alive for more than a couple of minutes as you’re swarmed by bloodthirsty scarecrows.

Feeling a little like you’ve stepped into a cult VHS horror movie from the 80s/90s, Night of the Scarecrows is a hardcore arena shooter that tests your your shooting skills … Read More

Obsession – Game Jam Build Download

Obsession is a dark and disturbing psychological horror game about a young woman whose emotions manifest as a monster as she tries to get over the loss of her fiance.

Created for the SCREAMCITY game jam by Asephy (creator of the Untitled Horror Game), Obsession is a suort and unsettling point and click horror game about a young woman who is dealing with the … Read More

Resident Evil Resistance – Open Beta (PS4, Xbox One & Steam)

Resident Evil Resistance is now in open Beta on PS4 and Xbox One, with the Steam open Beta going live at 5pm UTC.

As we mentioned during the closed Beta sign up Resident Evil Resistance is an assymetric multiplayer Resndent Evil spin-off that pits four survivors against a nefarious Mastermind as they attempt to escape from a monster-filled Umbrella facility. Each of the survivors have … Read More

Anomaly – Beta Download

Anomaly is a tense and atmospheric little Sci-Fi horror game where you venture into a corrupted simulation that’s haunted by a terrifying anomaly.

In Anomaly you venture into a corrupted simulation that can’t be reset from the outside without endangering the whole project. You must now search the stark and oppressive looking red-hued landscape for five terminals where you can replace the catalysts and restart … Read More