Jawbreaker – Beta Demo

Jawbreaker is an Outlast style first person psychological horror adventure where you find yourself trapped in the hideout of a gang of bloodthirsty psychos.

Taking place in a city that’s fallen into anarchy, in Jawbreaker you are a scavenger who goes looking for some useful supplies in an abandoned police station. However, things soon go bad and you find yourself trapped in the station – … Read More

ROCHE LIMIT – Beta Download

ROCHE LIMIT is a surrealist point and click horror adventure that was created (and is played in) Microsoft PowerPoint!

PowerPoint can be a useful tool for creating (usually dull) slideshow presentations, but can it be used as a game engine? Remarkably ROCHE LIMIT proves that the answer is yes, and it’s surprisingly good at it too! It’s a point and click adventure with a … Read More

Today, I’m Harvesting You! – Game Jam Build Download

Today, I’m Harvesting You! is a macabre little dating sim where you attempt to win your dates’ hearts, then harvest their internal organs!

Created for Ludum Dare 52, in Today, I’m Harvesting You! you are an enterprising organ harvester who finds their unsuspecting donors by going on dates with them. Today you have three prospective donors/love interests, and at the end of each date you … Read More

Empty Shell – Prologue Download

Empty Shell is a tense top-down Sci-Fi horror roguelite shooter where you fight your way through an abandoned research facility in Japan.

In Empty Shell you are an operative who has been sent to complete certain objectives inside a research facility that’s been abandoned for decades. There are minor puzzles to solve, but in general your main worry is the monsters and the fact that … Read More