Preternatural – Student Project Game

Preternatural is a creepy psychological horror adventure that sees a young boy exploring his home as he attempts to deal with the emotional pain and guilt caused by the loss of loved ones.

In Preternatural you take control of Timmy, a young boy who wakes up in the middle of the night in his seemingly abandoned home. As you explore the house you’ll discover notes, … Read More

Denizen – Prototype Download

Denizen is a thoroughly bizarre blend of Sci-Fi, medieval fantasy and the occult, which sees you exploring an abandoned research institute full of strange monsters.

In Denizen you start the game in the foyer of a research institute – The Kepler Research institute to be exact. You come across a digital PDA device that you can upload information to and an axe which might come … Read More

Witch Hazel – Game Jam Build

Witch Hazel is a short and surreal pixel art adventure that sees you exploring a strange glitchy game world filled with shadowy ghosts.

In Witch Hazel you play an unnamed protagonist who wakes up in an eerie 2D mansion. It’s more of a puzzle adventure than an action adventure, with you exploring the strange game world and discovering its secrets – all under the watchful … Read More

Quality Assurance – Game Jam Build

Quality Assurance is a clever little metagame that sees you playtesting a half finished game that keeps on crashing.

In Quality Assurance you take on the role of a playtester who is testing a new horror adventure game. The game that you’re testing involves your character waking up after a car crash and searching for assistance in a nearby house. However the game is still … Read More

Living Nightmares – Alpha Demo

Living Nightmares is an intense blend of surreal horror, jump scares and FPS combat that sees you attempting to escape from a cult that’s helmed by a freaky two-faced doll.

In Living Nightmares you take on the role of John Doe, an amnesiac man who awakens in a strange mansion filled with cult members in black cloaks and a particularly terrifying doll with two faces. … Read More