Isabelle – Game Jam Build

Isabelle is a creepy occult first person adventure set in the Dark Ages within a warren of tunnels that hide the grim story of a young girl who was accused of being a witch.

In Isabelle you find yourself trapped in an old tunnel system after dropping down from from an opening above. As you explore you discover old journals left by the advisor of … Read More

Escape From Aeon – Alpha Demo

Escape From Aeon is a stylish lo-fi sci-fi survival horror roguelike that sees you attempting to escape a titanic mothership that’s been invaded by a deadly alien lifeform and its many minions.

Drawing inspiration from The Thing, Alien and Infra Arcana, the level layout and grid based movement of Escape From Aeon is similar to classic roguelike games (such as the aforementioned Infra ArcanaRead More

Under The Rain – Alpha Demo

Under The Rain is a creepy Resident Evil-esque survival horror adventure that sees you exploring a cursed city and attempting to to survive the grotesque Lovecraftian horrors that inhabit it.

In Under The Rain you take on the role of Randolph Carter, a young man who was summoned by a mysterious stranger to return to Arkham – an abandoned and cursed city that’s filled … Read More

Screens. – Game Jam Build

Screens. turns a well known YouTube pre-roll advertisement into a game, with you frantically trying to click the panel of screens in front of you to stop it from playing.

If you’ve ever spent any time on YouTube then you’ve probably seen the Udemy online Unity course advert that starts with the line “coding your own games is easier than you think”. It’s by no … Read More