Stone House Orphanage – Game Jam Build Download

Stone House Orphanage is a short and very disturbing little retro styled first person horror game where you search an orphanage for some missing children.

Created for the Two-Minute Horror Jam, in Stone House Orphanage you are investigating reports of the disappearance of children from a local orphanage. When entering you’re greeted by a nun called Sister Maria, who is happy to answer your questions … Read More

The Baby in Yellow – Game Jam Build Download

The Baby in Yellow is a creepy little babysitting horror game where you have to look after a particularly unruly baby.

Created for the GMTK game jam (though not quite completed in time), in The Baby in Yellow you are a babysitter who has to look after a rather troublesome little baby. The game takes place over three chapters and sees you carrying out normal … Read More

QWERTY – Game Jam Build Download

QWERTY is a fun little typing horror game where you’re taught touch-typing by a qualified instructor who has something to hide.

In QWERTY you have just started up your WellType Keyboarding Interactive Limited Learning Software and are ready to learn the art of touch-typing. You have an online instructor who will talk you through the experience, but it appears he’s not the only one here…… Read More

Beneath a Withering Moon – Game Jam Build Download

Beneath a Withering Moon is a beautiful and mysterious little PS1 styled two minute horror game where you attempt to figure out how to cast a spell that will banish the darkness from the land.

Created by Modus interactive (creator of Iketsuki, Groaning Steel and Frontier Diver), for the Two-Minute Horror Jam, Beneath a Withering Moon is a beautiful little occult horror puzzle … Read More

There Are Ghosts in These Stalls – Game Jam Build Download

There Are Ghosts in These Stalls is an intense little two minute horror game set within a haunted toilet cubicle!

Created for the Two-Minute Horror Jam, in There Are Ghosts in These Stalls you find yourself stuck inside a public toilet cubicle that’s inhabited by a sinister presence (and it’s not what you’ve just left in the toilet). You can’t move but you can look … Read More