Eldervale – Alpha Demo

Eldervale is a very creepy third person survival horror reminiscent of the early Resident Evil games, which sees you returning to an abandoned boarding school for ‘deviant’ children and searching for answers about what happened to your family.

Drawing inspiration from classic survival horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Eldervale puts you in the role of Ophelia Delaney, a young woman who … Read More

Beware – Alpha Demo

Beware is a freaky first person open world horror game that sees you driving through the countryside whilst being relentlessly chased by three goons in a car.

In Beware you find yourself sitting in a car in a grim looking caravan park on a dark and gloomy night. Your car is old, with bouncy suspension and rather twitchy handling that makes it fun to drive … Read More

T-Rex Breakout – Tech Demo

T-Rex Breakout is a terrifyingly realistic recreation of the T-Rex scene from the original Jurassic Park movie – complete with blood curdling roar and vibrating cups of water on the dashboard.

You start T-Rex Breakout in one of the Jurassic Park off-road vehicles while a T-Rex has just managed to break out of its enclosure to the right of you. You can sit inside the … Read More

Grimmwood – Open Beta

Grimmwood is a social multiplayer survival RPG with roguelike elements, that sees you and up to thirty other players exploring, crafting, fighting and defending your shared village from monsters who attack each night.

In Grimmwood you take up residence in a village located deep within an ageless, mystical forest. You explore the surrounding procedurally generated forrest during the day, discovering points of interest, gathering resources … Read More