Name of the Will – Alpha Demo

Name of the Will is a politically tinged dark atmospheric narrative driven adventure set in a futuristic authoritarian country where you must obey your “Benevolent Father”.

Drawing inspiration from the current situation in Hong kong, Name of the Will is a dark Sci-Fi adventure where you wake up wearing a strange mask in a mysterious place called Hope. It’s a place that very much bears … Read More

Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings – Beta

Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings is a fantastic Resident Evil Game Boy demake that delivers a lighthearted tongue-in-cheek take on Capcom’s classic survival horror adventure.

In Resident Evil: Grim Beginnings you’ll be able to play through a rather different take on the original Resident Evil game. It features all the main story beats and locations of the entire first mansion segment from Resident Evil, but … Read More

Alone in the Diner – Game Jam Build

Alone in the Diner is a dark little first person horror game where you wake up in a diner filled with ghosts who have deep regrets.

In Alone in the Diner you wake up at a table in a diner that at first glance seems to be deserted. However, you have a digital camera, which you can use to reveal dark shadowy ghost-like entities and … Read More


BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR is a very weird semi-horror adventure where you relive old memories via old video tapes as you attempt to track down your family.

In BÅÅBÖSÅÅNGJÅÅR you have returned your family home to find that it’s not actually your family home and your family is nowhere to be seen. The only thing there is a mysterious VHS player that you can use to watch old … Read More