Devil’s Island – Beta Sign Up

Devil’s Island is a single player first person open world survival game where you attempt to survive on an island besieged with zombies and dangerous animals.

In Devil’s Island you are a mercenary who has been sent to investigate an island that’s cut contact with the outside world. After your arrival it soon becomes apparent that the island is overrun with zombies and you’ll need … Read More

The Lacerator – Pre-Alpha Download

The Lacerator is a darkly comedic retro fixed camera survival horror game that draws inspiration from trashy video nasty slasher movies.

In The Lacerator you step into the shoes of Max, a porn star who loves sex. You and your crew have been captured by a psycho called The Lacerator. You now need to explore his lair, solve puzzles, fight monsters and escape the hideout. … Read More

28 Pixels Later – Prototype Download

28 Pixels Later is a second person PS1 styled parody survival horror game where you can only see your character through the eyes of the zombies around you.

In 28 Pixels Later you are a SWAT operative who is attempting to get to safety in a town infested with Zombies. The game plays much like a classic Resident Evil game, complete with retro PS1 styled … Read More

Chasing The Unseen – Alpha Sign Up

Chasing The Unseen is a remarkable looking third person platforming adventure where you climb colossal creatures in a surreal world.

In Chasing The Unseen you are a young boy who is searching for something in a vast world filled with fractal geometry and gigantic creatures. You can run, climb and parachute as you scale the creatures as you traverse its strange world.

It’s an incredible … Read More