Past Twelve – Student Project Download

past twelve game download

Past Twelve is a dark and surreal 2D horror adventure in which you play a young photophobic boy who is tormented by an ancient evil entity known only as ‘The Creature’.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, Past Twelve offers up a short and surreal slice of survival horror as you explore an apartment block that can change in the blink of an eye. Light … Read More

Amberskull – Alpha Demo

Amberskull game download

Amberskull is a very freaky VHS-era inspired first person survival horror anthology that plans to offer four very different environments and adventures that are each inhabited by a unique deadly monster – from killer fish to giant vampire bats.

The full game of Amberskull will feature four different little horror adventures that you access by selecting a horror movie-themed VCR tape from a table on … Read More

Outpost 9 – Alpha Demo

Outpost 9 game

Outpost 9 is a very cool and creepy sci-fi horror game that blends a text adventure-style narrative with a point and click interface and stylish minimalist visuals as you attempt to outsmart an alien monster that’s lurking in the space station you work on.

There’s a heavy Alien movie vibe about Outpost 9, with the entire game viewed through a motion detector-styled green monitor … Read More