Embuscade – Game Jam Build Download

Embuscade is a short, atmospheric and disturbing voxel based Unreal Engine 4-powered first person horror experience that sees you roaming a desolate, post-apocalyptic city and attempting to survive by eating garbage.

Taking under 10 minutes to complete, the gameplay in Embuscade is fairly simple – you explore the city and rummage through garbage to keep your hunger at bay. There’s a great sense of atmosphere … Read More

The Gift – Student Project

The Gift is a short and macabre visual novel that sees you searching for presents on your birthday and attempting to figure out the source of a fetid stench of death that’s permeated your house.

The Gift takes just a few minutes to reach the end, but is worth playing through a few times as it has multiple endings. It plays out like a visual … Read More

Eight Evil Treats For Halloween!

With Halloween drawing near, it’s time to dig out seven of our favorite horror games from the past year. There’s a mixture of puzzles, action platforming, retro survival horror, psychological horror and terrifying jump scares, so should be something for everyone. Have a happy Halloween!

Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) – A masterpiece of mobile horror.

Re:Turn – One Way Trip – Surreal and cerebral 2D … Read More

Whiteside – Alpha Demo

Whiteside is a freaky first person psychological horror thriller set in a mental hospital that blends puzzle solving, stealth and randomised jump scares to really put players on edge.

Whiteside draws inspiration from Outlast, with you using a mixture of puzzle solving and stealth as you attempt to unravel the mystery of the creepy abandoned mental hospital you’re trapped in. The current build starts … Read More

Emily Wants To Play Too – Beta Demo

Emily Wants To Play Too is a freaky jump scare-filled first person survival horror sequel in which you have to figure out how to interact with Emily and her dolls to stand any chance of survival.

Emily Wants To Play Too is the sequel to Emily Wants To Play, that looks set to ramp up the terror and jump scares significantly. The full game … Read More