Stifled – Beta Demo (Steam)


Stifled is a very tense first person horror adventure set in a pitch black game world where you ‘see’ with sound and thanks to the clever use of microphones, the monsters can literally hear your fear.

Stifled is a spiritual successor to Lurking, a tense horror adventure created by DigiPen Institute of Technology students in which you used sound waves to ‘see’ your way … Read More

Mortido – Alpha Download


Mortido is an interesting new third person action game that explores existential questions and philosophies as you explore it’s surreal dream-like afterlife and battle nightmarish monsters.

In Mortido you awake in a strange dream-like world, populated by people who have lived out their mortal lives who help you understand and accept the realities of death. As you explore you’ll discover more about this mysterious world, … Read More

Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) – Alpha Demo


Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) is a cleverly crafted horror game designed for smart phones (but Windows and Mac versions are coming), in which you discover a phone whose owner has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It’s up to you to investigate the files, messages, videos and emails on there phone as you try to uncover what happened to her.

The conceit of Sara Is Missing is … Read More

Ten Terror Filled Treats For Halloween!


Looking for some terror-filled treats to play this halloween?  We’ve got you covered.  Here are ten of our favourite horror games we’ve featured over the last year.  Have a delightful and frightful halloween!

Play With Me – a terrifying first person horror in which you attempt to escape from a house that’s haunted by a very freaky clown ghost.

Letter To A Friend – a … Read More

The Blade in the Bark – Student Project Download


The Blade in the Bark is a creepy, narrative-driven action adventure in which you explore a dark land where trees talk and vicious monsters roam, and you wield a magical sword that only exists in the moonlight.

In The Blade in the Bark you play a heroine who has found herself trapped in a forsaken realm of eternal night after being summoned there by an … Read More