Code 7 – Student Project Download


Text adventures are wonderful when done well, but their very nature makes them feel a little archaic at times.  Not so with Code 7, this is a true evolution of the text adventure, with intelligent use of the interface, excellent voice acting and a surprisingly dark storyline.

Originally created as a project by students at Cologne Game Lab, it combines the text based interface … Read More

Dystopixelia – Beta Download

dystopixelia game

Dystopixelia is an atmospheric and humorous pixel art horror adventure set in an unsettling dystopian future, that sees you trying to survive a virus outbreak which you inadvertently caused.

You play employee ID 22 of LIFE inc., a simple cubicle worker, who one day is tasked with a job of upmost importance.  Unfortunately you fail at this and unleash an mutating virus on the population … Read More

DeadHop – Game Jam Build


Deadhop, a game made for the OlliOlli Skate Jam, will have you bouncing off zombies heads with your skateboarding skills.

This game is sort of like an endless runner, where you must skate forwards away from a horde of zombies, while more zombies are also running at you head-on. You can either jump over these zombies, which means that they will most likely join … Read More

Perturbia – Beta Download


Perturbia is a well detailed, puzzle-filled horror game, inspired by Alone in the Dark, Silent HillThe 7th Guest, and Gabriel Knight, that has you following in the footsteps of a man, learning the terrible fate of a couple and their child.

Even in these early stages of development, the game is very creepy. The music and sounds give it a nice … Read More

Albert and Otto – Alpha Demo

albert and otto

Albert and Otto is a beautiful cinematic platformer, packed with inventive physics based puzzles, that follows a boy and his magic red bunny who appears to be on a quest to save his love, but turns out to be something a whole lot darker.

Being a silhouetted puzzle platformer that sees you controlling a young boy in a treacherous world, comparisons to Limbo are easily … Read More