Shadow Over Isolation – Alpha Demo

Shadow over Isolation

Shadow Over Isolation is an impressive Unreal Engine 4-powered first person horror adventure inspired by the works of Stanley Kubrick and HP Lovecraft, that forgoes jump scares and closet hiding for a much more refined, slow building approach and a large focus on narrative.

Set in a small farming town in 1984, you play Ryan Kappel, a young man who returns to his childhood home … Read More

The Final Take – Alpha Demo

The Final Take Game

The Final Take is an upcoming Horror/Survival game being made by Dark Day Interactive with a creepy 80’s VHS aesthetic, in which you explore an abandoned psychiatric ward.

In the Alpha has you play as two different protagonists, each one having their own story and puzzles to solve, as you work your way through what appears to be an abandoned psychiatric ward.  The Final Take … Read More

Final Days – Alpha Demo

Final Days

Final Days, a game being created by Plus 7 Software, is a blood soaked top-down zombie survival shooter that puts you, and possible others, against the flesh craving horde of undead.

Final Days focuses on the co-operation between yourself and other survivors as waves of zombies and other monstrous creatures surround your compound from all angles. You start out with just a regular pistol … Read More

Wounded – Alpha Demo


Wounded, a game being created by Workbench Entertainment, is an extremely eerie survival horror game in which you search for your missing daughter in a very creepy hotel.

Wounded induces fear, sweaty palms and an increased heart beat but with its tense atmosphere, creepy sounds and beautifully written score. You play as a father in search of your daughter after a car accident. You … Read More

Relapse – Alpha Demo

relapse 3

Relapse, a game being created by BluePrintGames, is an extremely atmospheric, psychological horror adventure with incredible world design and tricky puzzles that will keep you guessing.

The game centers around the Arcadia Asylum, an old building that is due to be demolished in the coming days to make way for a new project. As an Urban Blogger you decide to visit the asylum in … Read More