Hull BreacH – Alpha Demo

Hull BreacH Game

Hull BreacH, a game currently being created by We Are Bots, is a 3D First Person Sci Fi Survival Game where you play as the last surviving member of a crashed space shuttle.

Being the only one left alive on board The Wanderer IV, it is your mission to survive until the possibility of rescue arrives. Not only will you have to maintain your … Read More

Song of Horror – Pre-Alpha Demo

song of horror 4

Song of Horror is a freaky third person permadeath survival horror game in which you play as one of 16 playable characters, venturing through a creepy lmansion filled with shadowy monsters lurking in the darkness.

Coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One, Song of Horror blends old school third person horror gameplay reminiscent of Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness with modern game design … Read More

Anxiety: Lost Night – Game Jam Build Download

Anxiety Lost Night

Anxiety: Lost Night is a point-and-click horror game originally built during the Ludum Dare 33 game jam and serves as the second game in the Anxiety series developed by Maxi & The Gang.

In Anxiety: Lost Night you play as a young woman who, after experiencing some sort of panic attack, finds her car has stalled at the side of the road. As the darkness … Read More

Surveillant – Game Jam Build Download

surveillant 2

Surveillant is a first person sci-fi horror game by Space Octopus Studios, created for the Asylum Game Jam 2013. The game sees you taking on the role of an engineer on a spaceship full of robotic crew members, all seemingly dormant.

As you start to complete your daily actions of checking the ships navigation and security, it’s clear something is amiss and you steadily discover … Read More

Who Must Die – Game Jam Build Download

Who Must Die

Who Must Die is a short first person puzzler in which you must figure out which of your patients is infected with a highly contagious disease, then kill them to stop it spreading.

You are taking over from a previous doctor, and after examining his notes you must perform experiments on your three test subjects with an aim of discovering which one displays all the symptoms … Read More