Snowy Path – Student Game Download

Snowy Path is a tense frostbitten survival horror adventure where a young Iroquois girl solves puzzles and fights for her survival atop an enchanted mountain.

Created by a group of students from Gamagora, MAAAV and CPE, Snowy Path is a first person survival horror adventure where you fend off the cold, fearsome beasts and a malevolent spirit as you make you explore an enchanted mountain. … Read More

Scavengers – Open Beta

The Scavengers Open Beta is now live, so now everyone can join in the frostbitten survival shooter fun.

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last week when you had to watch a Twitch stream to access the beta, Scavengers is now in a fully open Beta that you can download now via Steam or the Epic Game Store. It’s a PvPvE squad-based survival shooter where players … Read More

Blackout – Game Jam Build

Blackout is a charming little pixel art pound and click adventure that follows the story of an amnesiac witch who discovers a house full of corpses and monsters.

Created for Ludum Dare 48, Blackout starts is a classic point and click adventure about a young woman who is dressed like a witch ends up with amnesia after falling off a roof and banging her head. … Read More

Mortal Sin – Alpha Demo

Mortal Sin is a gloriously brutal first person action-horror roguelike where you slice up monsters, earn perks and collect loot as you fight your way through procedurally generated dungeons.

Featuring a beautiful graphic novel visual style and buckets of red blood, Mortal Sin is a fast paced melee-focused first person roguelike where you fight your way through nightmarish dungeons to destroy the source of evil … Read More