Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab – Alpha Demo

Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab is an intense retro arcade styled on-rails shooter where you attempt to blast your way out of a zombie-filled city before it gets nuked!

Following on from the events in Biocrisis, in Biocrisis: Return 2 The Lab you have just escaped the lab that a zombie outbreak has occurred within and must now escape the city. While the original … Read More

Alder Choke – Beta Demo

Alder Choke is a very addictive and rage-inducingly tough boss rush action game set in a nightmarish forest filled with deadly monsters.

previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Alder Choke is a creepy and surreal boss rush action game that’s a bit like a blend of Titan Souls and Pang. In each level you have one boss to kill by shooting … Read More

COVEN – Beta Demo

COVEN is a brutal and blood-splattered retro styled first person shooter where you seek bloody vengeance against a town of villagers who burned you at the stake.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year and a half ago, COVEN is a brutal 90’s styled FPS set in the 1600’s, that draws inspiration from Hexen, Blood and Timesplitters. The game stars with you being burned … Read More

Name of the Will – Alpha Demo

Name of the Will is a politically tinged dark atmospheric narrative driven adventure set in a futuristic authoritarian country where you must obey your “Benevolent Father”.

Drawing inspiration from the current situation in Hong kong, Name of the Will is a dark Sci-Fi adventure where you wake up wearing a strange mask in a mysterious place called Hope. It’s a place that very much bears … Read More