SCP: Blackout – Beta Demo

SCP: Blackout is a freaky first person horror game where you explore and try to survive in a top secret SCP research facility where all the monsters have escaped.

Playable in VR (Oculus & Vive) or non-VR, SCP: Blackout is a tense first person horror game based on the SCP universe. The SCP Foundation was founded to contain and study anomalous (and often dangerous) … Read More “SCP: Blackout – Beta Demo”

The Beast Inside – Pre-Alpha Demo

The Beast Inside is a multi-layered first person survival horror adventure that brings the nightmares of the past to the present as a CIA cryptanalyst delves into an unsolved hundred year old murder-mystery.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2016, The Beast Inside looks set to deliver a cerebral and scary survival horror adventure. In the game you take on the role … Read More “The Beast Inside – Pre-Alpha Demo”

Faceless: The Sorrowvirus – Beta Demo

Faceless: The Sorrowvirus is a first person supernatural horror adventure which sees you trapped in an eternal looping nightmare where you attempt to collect creepy dolls and free the souls that are trapped within them.

The narrative of Faceless revolves around a cursed city, an unearthly being called The Soulrender and a series of dolls that have souls trapped within them. The full version will … Read More “Faceless: The Sorrowvirus – Beta Demo”

Last Night at Home – Game Jam Build

Last Night at Home is a freaky little first person horror game where you attempt to frantically patch up holes in your walls that are being made by a monster from another dimension.

In Last Night at Home you find yourself alone in you home when all of a sudden strange holes start appearing in your walls. They look weird, almost like the space inside … Read More “Last Night at Home – Game Jam Build”

The White Diner – Game Jam Build

The White Diner is a short and surreal first person experience where you stop at a diner for some pancakes, but god knows what they’re laced with!

There’s a surreal Twin Peaks-esque vibe to the odd little diner you stop at for a bit to eat in The White Diner. Your server isn’t very talkative but he sure can fix up some pancakes. … Read More “The White Diner – Game Jam Build”