Golden Light – Alpha Download

Golden Light is a very freaky first person roguelike survival horror game where everyday objects like computers and vending machines can spring to life and brutally murder you!

Currently in development by the talented Da Neel (creator of A Box Full of Joy, Boneborne: Prologue and Unrottenskulls). Golden Light is a tense and terrifying first person horror game where grotesque abominations can jump … Read More

Self-Checkout Unlimited – Kickstarter Demo

Self-Checkout Unlimited is a creepy, surreal, dreamlike and oddly nostalgic first person adventure where you find yourself trapped in a strange shopping mall after closing time.

In Self-Checkout Unlimited you awaken on a bench inside a closed shopping mall – The Wilson Center Mall, “a single stop for everything you’ll ever need”. Obviously being trapped in a dark and empty mall is pretty creepy, especially … Read More

Discover My Body – Game Jam Build Download

Discover My Body is a very unsettling little low rez body horror game where you study a test subject as they go through a horrifying fungal transformation to help them find some form of connection.

In Discover My Body you take on the role of a student who is studying “Psychial Tran-Boletutian Flowering” – a process whereby a human is injected with a special fungus … Read More

R’LYEH ASSAULT – Game Jam Build Download

R’LYEH ASSAULT is a tense and atmospheric Lovecraft inspired first person horror game which sees you using the Necronomicon to fight Cthulhu and his dragon minions.

Created for the Bad Lovecraft Games game jam, R’LYEH ASSAULT may not be the most authentic Lovecraft video game adaptation, but it sure is a great horror game! You are tasked with making your way through the small fishing … Read More