Beleth – Game Jam Build

Beleth is a very freaky little occult shooter where you blast your way through an audio-reactive soundscape that reacts in real-time with the soundtrack.

Created for the PIGSquad Summer Slow Jam, Beleth is a ritualistic audio-reactive shoot ‘em up that’s full of occult imagery from the Goetia Démonok. It only takes around five minutes to play through, but it’s a remarkable experience which feels a … Read More

Conformity – Prototype Download

Conformity is an intense little first person horror game which sees you exploring a creepy abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere.

There’s not a whole lot of narrative in Conformity at the moment, but it opens with you standing outside a cabin in a remote location. As you venture inside the cabin, you find it to be full of rustic furnishings and old pictures, … Read More

Ode to a Moon – Beta Demo

Ode to a Moon is a deeply atmospheric VHS-styled cosmic horror thriller where a town descends into madness following a fall festival during a centennial lunar eclipse.

In Ode to a Moon you take on the role of a photo-journalist in the 1980’s who is covering a historic fall festival in a rural town. However, the festival coincides with a lunar eclipse, which warps the … Read More

Fleshworms – Game Jam Build

Fleshworms is a stylish retro Sci-Fi point and click adventure where you attempt to escape from a crashed spaceship in a land filled with grotesque giant alien Fleshworms!

Fleshworms is the third installment of Malte Burup’s The Outer Zone dystopian Sci-Fi point and click adventures. As with the rest of The Outer Zone games, it’s a self contained adventure with no knowledge of the previous … Read More

Horror Legends – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

Horror Legends is a Dead by Daylight-esque asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that pits human survivors against monsters inspired by classic VHS-era horror movies.

Currently in development by October Games (creators of Puppet Master: The Game) and featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during last year’s open Beta, Horror Legends pits up to nine human players against one player controlled monster (and their AI … Read More