Silent Night – Beta Demo

Silent Night is a spooky third person adventure set around Christmas time, which sees a ghost-hunter investigating paranormal occurrences inside a long forgotten English church.

Silent Night is a standalone adventure in the Crown franchise where you take on the role of Nigel Danvers, a ghost-hunter who has been sent to investigate a presence in an old church on the outskirts of the village of … Read More

Beyond – Game Jam Build

Beyond is a short philosophical point and click adventure that ponders life, the universe and body mutilation horror.

Beyond asks some pretty big questions and has some pretty disturbing answers during its short play time. It ponders why the universe is so silent and has a good answer for why – once a civilization becomes advanced enough they become more interested in delving into virtual … Read More

Ghost Dance – Game Jam Build

Ghost Dance is a surreal first person horror adventure where you travel into David Lynch’s dreams and collect picture fragments in a series of scenes inspired by his work.

Taking place within a beautiful, bizarre, retro, meta, surreal horror fever dream, Ghost Dance pays homage to some of David Lynch’s greatest work. In the game you find yourself in what appears to be David Lynch … Read More