Hamelin – Game Jam Build Download

Hamelin is a dark reinterpretation of the classic Pied Piper of Hamelin folk take, which follows a little rat as they set out to save the Pied Piper from being burned at the stake by the unscrupulous citizens of Hamelin.

Created for the HPS1 Halloween Jam 2020, Hamelin is a short PS1 styled folk horror game which delivers a dark twist on the classic tale … Read More

Soldier Man: Space Hero – Game Jam Build Download

Soldier Man: Space Hero is a horror adventure set inside a glitchy Halo: Combat Evolved-esque Sci-Fi adventure, with the game bugging out in some disturbing ways as you attempt to make it to the control room of your ship.

Created for the HPS1 Halloween Jam 2020, in Soldier Man: Space Hero you take on the role of a Master Chief style space marine who awakens … Read More

Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) – Steam Key Giveaway

Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) features a fast paced blend of survival horror, puzzle solving and wave-based horde mode style gameplay as you attempt to arm and defend yourself against an army of undead monsters.

In Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) your aim is to survive for a set amount of time in different defendable locations while being assaulted by waves of undead monsters. The … Read More

Related – Kickstarter Demo

Related is a creepy psychological horror game that follows conjoined sisters who share equal halves of the same body as they grow up in a miserly and uncaring orphanage.

You may be forgiven for thinking that the main character(s) in Related has a split personality, but the reality is that the one body holds two conjoined sisters called Jessica and Julia. They both control one … Read More

A Final Delivery – Game Jam Build Download

A Final Delivery is a spooky little first person horror adventure where things get weird as you make a delivery to the local town cemetery.

Created for the DOS Games Fall Jam by voxel, A Final Delivery is a fun little horror adventure which follows a bike courier as they make a delivery to a run down cemetery. It contains a nice mixture of mystery, … Read More