The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John – Alpha Demo

The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John is a bizarre and surreal point and click psychological horror adventure where you are a paranoid wreck who has barricaded himself away from the rest of the world.

In The Peephole’s Chronicles: Weird John you take on the role of the titular John – a man suffering from blackouts and a crippling paranoia that leaves him terrified of everyone … Read More

TRAPT – Game Jam Build Download

TRAPT is a very freaky first person VHS found footage horror game where you find yourself trapped in a sewer system filled with rats, dead bodies and a grotesque monster.

Developed by Azaxor, creator of Forgotten School, TRAPT is a very tense and atmospheric first person horror game which sees you reliving the last recording of a person who went missing down a sewer … Read More

Penumbra – Game jam Build Download

Penumbra is a tense and atmospheric first person puzzler where you attempt to make it to your neighbor’s house by keeping the wolves in the dark and you in the light as you travel through the forest.

In each level of Penumbra you read a letter from your neighbor then attempt to walk through the woods to their house. However, the woods are full of … Read More

Evil Mind – Alpha Demo

Evil Mind is a tense and atmospheric first person horror adventure where you gather materials to perform an occult ritual in a creepy old cabin in the woods.

There’s little in the way of narrative in Evil Mind yet, but the current build starts with you running through the woods into a creepy old abandoned house. There’s a nasy surprise awaiting for your upstairs, along … Read More

Snake Eyes – Game Jam Build Download

Snake Eyes is a creepy little retro styled first person psychological horror game where you get the feeling that maybe you’re not alone in your apartment.

You have a fairly simple daily routine in Snake Eyes – get up, clean up the house, take out the trash and go to bed. However, you struggle to keep track of time and you’re plagued with visions of … Read More