PARANOIHELL is a tense and atmospheric top-down survival horror where your world descends into a monster-filled nightmare as you try to get home from work.

Drawing inspiration from PS1 classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, PARANOIHELL follows a female bartender who as she tries to make her way home after a late shift. While cleaning up after closing time a stranger appears in … Read More

Edom – Alpha Demo

Edom is a surreal isometric puzzle adventure where you attempt to overcome your irrational fears as your mind plays tricks on you while exploring your old creepy house.

In Edom you take control of a young woman who wakes up alone in her large stately mansion. Your mind plays tricks on you and you’re plagued by irrational fears – such as being scared to go … Read More

The Tithe – Student Game

The Tithe is a freaky little first person horror game where you bid farewell to your wife and child as you descend into the depths of your basement to keep a bloodthirsty beast at bay.

In The Tithe you take on the role of the oldest living descendant of a long line of family members who have been cursed with a heavy burden. It started … Read More

Super Surprise Party…? – Game Jam Build

Super Surprise Party…? is a cheerful looking, but creepy little game where you complete minigames to help a “friend” prepare a surprise party.

You’ve arrived at a house to help prepare a super surprise party for your friend. Unfortunately, other than the person whose house the party is taking place in, nobody else has turned up, so you need to gather the rest of your … Read More

Westwood Shadows – Pre-Alpha Demo

Westwood Shadows is a beautifully rendered puzzle-focused narrative-driven first-person horror adventure where you unravel dark secrets after you’re called out to investigate a mysterious old mansion.

In Westwood Shadows you take on the role of Peter Bennet, a detective who lost his wife and child in a car crash a few years ago. After being sent out to investigate the disappearance of a couple in … Read More