Redundancy – Game Jam Build Download

Redundancy is a fun little retro styled horror game where you fix computers for a company that really doesn’t value its employees!

Created for the ScreamLite™ Jam, in Redundancy you are an IT worker at a company that works in robotics. Most of the computers in the building are having serious errors, so you need to go around them all and fix them. Fixing them … Read More

Mortal Shell – Open Beta

Mortal Shell is a Dark Souls inspired dark fantasy action RPG where you occupy the bodies of fallen warriors and fight your way through a shattered world that saps your sanity.

Currently in development by Cold Symmetry, Mortal Shell is a third person action RPG adventure that wears its love for the Souls games on its sleeve. In the game you are an entity … Read More

Don’t Be Afraid: The First Toy – Beta Demo

Don’t Be Afraid: The First Toy is a dark and unsettling first person horror adventure where you attempt to escape from a psychopath who wants to keep you as his human doll.

A prequel/demo to the upcoming full release of Don’t Be Afraid, Don’t Be Afraid: The First Toy puts you in the role of a young boy who has been kidnapped by a … Read More

The Last Cosmonaut – Beta Download

The Last Cosmonaut is a tense and atmospheric retro styled monochrome first person Sci-Fi Horror game where a Soviet cosmonaut wakes up in a lunar base to find his whole crew slaughtered by a deadly alien.

Taking place in an alternate reality 1989, The Last Cosmonaut is set within a Soviet Union lunar base, where an unwelcome visitor has wiped out your crew. You must … Read More

Malfunction – Game Jam Build Download

Malfunction is a tense little low rez Sci-Fi thriller where you awaken from cryosleep to find your spaceship headed for disaster.

Created for the “Four Game Developers Jam Off the Same Art Kit” game jam, in Malfunction you are rudely awoken from cryosleep to find that you’re in serious peril. The rest of your crew are still in cryosleep so you’ll have to deal with … Read More