We Follow the Fickle Path – Game Jam Build

We Follow the Fickle Path is a dark and unsettling narrative-driven adventure that follows the story of a lowly worker ant as she struggles with her identity and her devotion to the colony.

Created for the Game Off 2021 game jam, We Follow the Fickle Path is a visual novel adventure with exploration elements, which puts you in the role of a tiny ant in … Read More

Antarctica – Prototype Download

Antarctica is a very stylish pixel art horror thriller where you explore a Russian research base in the Antarctic after losing contact with it two weeks prior.

The set up of Antarctica will be fondly familiar to fans of John Carpenter’s The Thing. In the game you take on the role of an operative who has been sent in to investigate a Russian research … Read More

Stray Souls – Alpha Demo

Stray Souls blends psychological horror and survival horror gameplay as a teenager moves into his dead grandmother’s house and finds that it’s harboring some very dark secrets.

In Stray Souls you follow the story of Daniel, a teenage boy who has recently inherited an old run-down house from his grandmother. When he moves into the house he also meets a mysterious girl called Martha, who … Read More

Post Trauma – Alpha Demo

Post Trauma is a very creepy Silent Hill inspired survival horror adventure with fixed camera angles, a 57 year old protagonist and monsters that can be friendly.

In Post Trauma you step into the shoes of Roman, a 57 year old man who awakens on an abandoned subway train that’s filled with nightmarish visions and freaky monsters. As you try and make your way back … Read More

The Hungry One – Alpha Demo

The Hungry One is a 2D psychological horror game where you do experiments on a virtual world that’s home to a mysterious little girl and a big angry dog.

In The Hungry One you are a junior scientist who has been told to carry out experiments on a virtual world on a computer. Your task is fairly simple – just keep your character alive by … Read More