Curiosity – Student Project Game

Curiosity is a dark little first person Sci-Fi adventure where you take control of a drone that’s found life on an alien planet and is trying to send the data back home.

In Curiosity you control a research drone that’s been exploring the surface of a mysterious 9th planet that’s been discovered in the Solar system. You’ve been searching for years with no success. However, … Read More

SNAILS – Alpha Demo

SNAILS is a thoroughly bizarre PS1 styled 3rd person horror beat ‘em up where you control a seven year old girl who fights a horde of mutant snails from outer space.

In SNAILS you take control of Dora Ditze, a seven year old girl who is bedridden with flu, when all of a sudden hordes of alien snails invade the neighborhood and eat the majority … Read More

The Crawford Family – Game Jam Build

The Crawford Family is a freaky PS1 styled third person horror game where you have to figure out how to kill three murderous family members and escape their property.

In The Crawford Family you find yourself trapped within the confines of a rural farm that belongs to three family members who really don’t take kindly to visitors. To escape you’ll have to kill all three … Read More

Misshapen – Prototype Download

Misshapen is a very weird little PS1 styled first person horror shooter where instead of killing your enemies, you cover them in large bulbous growths until they can no longer move.

The current build of Misshapen was created for the 7DFPS jam and features one darkness enshrouded level where your goal is to find and collect five cubes. However, as you explore the level in … Read More

Dead Pixels II: Straight To Video – Beta Demo

Dead Pixels II: Straight To Video is an 80’s VHS horror styled 2D side scrolling arcade shooter with procedurally generated levels and RPG elements, which sees you shooting, blasting, hacking and slashing your way through a zombie apocalypse.

We actually covered a build of Dead Pixels II on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014 and found it to be a very enjoyable retro side-scrolling … Read More