Luto – Beta Demo

Luto is a tense and atmospheric first person psychological horror game that explores different phobias as you struggle to escape your own house.

In Luto you follow the story of a man who is suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of the loss of a loved one. This seems to have manifested itself in transforming your home into a labyrinthine trap that you’re … Read More

The Shadow Over Route 80 – Beta Download

The Shadow Over Route 80 is a tense little retro styled first person horror game where an attendant has a very strange shift at a gas station in the American wheat belt.

In The Shadow Over Route 80 you are a gas station attendant who is working the night shift in a remote roadside gas station. It’s not exactly busy so you do a little … Read More

DATA_BREAK – Alpha Demo

DATA_BREAK is a creepy and wholesome Earthbound inspired adventure where your ordinary office done finds himself at the mercy of the game’s creator.

The demo build of DATA_BREAK sees you waking up to the annoying beeps of an alarm clock and then getting ready to start your day by brushing your teeth, having a shower, appeasing your cat, getting dressed, etc.. Each of these activities … Read More

Half-Life: Another Story – Alpha Download (DOOM Mod)

Half-Life: Another Story is a fantastic DOOM total conversion mod where a HECU soldier fights their way through the ruins of the Black Mesa facility.

In Half-Life: Another Story you are a soldier whose chopper crashed en-route to the Black Mesa facility. You now need to search the facility, blast monsters and hopefully find some means of escaping in one piece. Taking around an hour … Read More