Lost in Vivo – Alpha Demo


Lost in Vivo is a creepy and cerebral first person horror game in which you battle with claustrophobia, paranoia and monsters as you explore the sewers searching for your (possibly imaginary) dog.

Currently in development from the creator of Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion, Lost in Vivo is a dark, gloomy and claustrophobic experience that makes you question what’s real and what’s in your mind. … Read More

Credence Filter – Alpha Demo


Credence Filter is a very creepy 2D sci-fi action RPG with high quality pixel art animation, in which you wake up in a decaying dystopian future full of aliens, robots, ghosts, mothmen and people who eat mushrooms!

In Credence Filter you play Tohm Shicszrk, an ordinary man (with a remarkable talent) who has been chosen by some intergalactic aliens to save the world from the … Read More

The Final One – Alpha Download


The Final One is a very creepy FPS horror adventure in which you attempt to uncover the occult mysteries surrounding a doll museum in which all the exhibits have started to come to life!

The current build of The Final One is a strange mix of bad cutscenes and good gameplay. The cutscenes have little animation, bad voice acting, a convoluted plot and dialogue that … Read More

Ghost City Rising – Alpha Download


Ghost City Rising is a fun first person roguelite in which you attempt to scale a high rise apartment block that’s packed full of haunted furniture!

In Ghost City Rising you smash up possessed furniture, collect their eyeballs, and make your way up the increasingly challenging procedurally generated levels of a haunted apartment block. Things start of fairly easily on the bottom floor, but the … Read More