For Better or For Worse – Game Jam Build Download

For Better or For Worse is an emotional and spooky little poetic adventure that sees you fending off shadowy figures as you try to reach your daughter in time for her wedding.

In For Better or For Worse you control a father who finds himself stranded after his car breaks down on the way to his daughters wedding. You find yourself on an unfamiliar path … Read More

Shandon – Prototype

Shandon is a stylish and surreal low rez physics based hack and slash adventure that sees you avoiding traps and fighting monsters in a creepy catering hall.

Shandon is very much in the prototype phase of development so it’s pretty rough around the edges, but it’s a unique and rather experience that’s well worth checking out. In the game you explore different rooms in a … Read More

Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa – Alpha Demo

Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa is a VHS video nasty styled third person horror adventure with PS1 era visuals that sees you exploring a strange alien planet that’s inhabited by a psycho Santa!

Created by the developers behind Power Drill Massacre, Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa is a fun fusion of 80’s video nasty horror and PS1 era visuals design. In the game you play one … Read More

Obscurity – Student Project Game Download

Obscurity is a tense first person horror adventure that sees you exploring a mysterious underground cavern system that’s protected by a particularly nasty monster.

In Obscurity you control an unnamed protagonist who wakes up in a forest and then starts searching a nearby cave system. Why you’d voluntarily go from the green and sunny woodland to a dank, gloomy and dangerous cavern system isn’t explained … Read More