LORN – Alpha Demo

LORN is a tense and atmospheric first person survival horror adventure set in a medieval fantasy world that’s been engulfed in darkness by a tyrannical King.

In LORN, you play Voss, a once loyal servant of your King. The King was beloved, but now it seems his quest for immortality has led him to betray his people in the worst way imaginable. Taking his … Read More

The Crown Stones – Alpha Demo

The Crown Stones is a super tough metroidvania horror RPG adventure with Soulsian elements, in which you play an amnesiac protagonist who’s deliberately sent himself to Hell, but can’t remember why!

In The Crown Stones you take on the role of Rivail Kuth, a powerful warrior who has purposely travelled to Hell to carry out a mission. However due to the trauma encountered during the … Read More

MISTfortune – Game Jam Build Download

MISTfortune is a tense little low poly first person Sci-Fi horror adventure in which you attempt to evade an evil steam monster that has invaded your ship.

In MISTfortune you play the last surviving crewmember of the USS Fortune, after a strange steam-based alien life form has invaded and wiped out everyone else in your ship. You must now flee for your life, searching for … Read More

ZEscape – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

ZEscape is an impressive new asymmetric first person shooter with fast paced run and gun gameplay, big guns and buckets of blood that sees humans facing off against hordes of player controlled undead monsters and giant Ai controlled bosses.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up back in May, ZEscape offers some good old fashioned zombie blasting fun set across undead infested levels. … Read More