The Plight – Student Project Download

The Plight

The Plight is a dark and freaky supernatural first person horror with an atmosphere reminiscent of classic Asian horror movies such as Ju-On: The Grudge and The Ring (Ringu).

In The Plight, you play Wu as he explores, recovers lost memories and attempts to discover what dark creature haunts his house.  During the course of the game you find out that some very bad … Read More

My Last Friday – Alpha Demo

My Last Friday game

My Last Friday is a great new first person horror adventure in which you wake up trapped in an old house, full of puzzles to solve and gruesome monsters to fight as you try to escape.

You play Howard Goodson, an ordinary man who wakes up on the floor of a sinister old house, filled with blood stains, corpses and body parts.  As you explore … Read More

Through The Woods – Alpha Demo

through the woods download

Through the Woods is a creepy psychological horror adventure set in Norway and influenced by Norse mythology, in which you find out just how far a mother would go to save her son.

Utilising dynamic storytelling techniques, you play a mother, re-counting the important events surrounding the disappearance of her son Fillip.  You follow a trail of reflectors that your son has left through the … Read More

Anomaly: Opening Night – Student Project Download

Anomaly opening night

Anomaly: Opening Night is a creepy third person action adventure that plays like a cross between Resident Evil and Ghostbusters.

You are part of a paranormal investigation team, and have entered a theatre full of possessed mannequins, a large unstoppable supernatural creature and lots of audio/visual trickery.  The mannequins can be stopped by shooting them, but they take a lot of punishment, and can … Read More