PackWar – Alpha Build


PackWar plays like a terrifying first person version of Pac Man, with you fleeing from four blood thirsty yellow monsters and defending yourself with semi-automatic weapons.

In PackWar Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde are nowhere to be seen, instead deadly Pac Man-style monsters roam the corridors.  If one gets you in their sights while you’re gathering pills you’d better run, or grab a power … Read More

The Third Kind – Game Jam Build Download

the third kind game

The Third Kind is an unsettling text based point and click experience that takes you on a short and surreal adventure that feels like a near-death nightmare.

Playing like a cross between a point and click adventure and a text based visual novel, you simply read the descriptions and choose one of the three options from the interface below. The Third Kind manages to create … Read More

The Aspect – Game Jam Build Download

The Aspect

The Aspect is a short, charming and rather silly pixel art platfroming adventure that see’s you playing a cult member who must gather items for a sacred ritual.

Developed by Backterra, creator of the excellent Rockrocket, The Aspect combines humor, simple platforming, puzzle solving and wonderful pixel art animation to create a fun 10 minute romp full of charm and oddity.  You play a … Read More

I Can’t Escape: Darkness – Beta Sign Up

nt escape darkness

I Can’t Escape: Darkness is an exciting new first person procedurally generated dungeon crawling horror in which the dungeon is alive, and very much out to get you.

Being developed as a spiritual successor to the hugely popular I Can’t Escape on Newsgounds, I Can’t Escape: Darkness looks set to up the terror and trickery as you fend off the darkness in a vain attempt … Read More

Statues – Alpha Demo

statues game

Remember those creepy angel statues from Doctor Who that only moved when you weren’t looking?  Well Statues is a freaky horror game based on that very premise – if you blink or turn your back, they’ll be coming for you!

Your character has had an irrational fear of statues since childhood, or at least it used to be an irrational fear, now it’s a perfectly … Read More