ExIT – Student Project Game Download

ExIT is an inventive, thought provoking, creepy and surprisingly philosophical first person point and click adventure in which you play a programmer who is trapped within her own virtual simulation with an AI that is dangerously infatuated with her.

In ExIT you take on the role of a programmer who has ventured into a virtual simulation that she’s working on to try and squash any … Read More

TAPE – Alpha Download

TAPE is a creepy and cleverly constructed time bending first person puzzle adventure in which you rewind and fast forward objects in time using an old Super8 video camera.

In TAPE you take on the role of Erin, a young woman who’s attempting to unravel the real story of what happened to her missing father. It takes place (mostly) in an abandoned hospital which has … Read More

Sine Requie: Snake Eyes – Kickstarter Demo

Sine Requie: Snake Eyes features a unique blend of horror, roleplaying, survival, branching narrative adventure and turn based tactical combat as you guide four members of an inquisitorial team who are investigating a heretic cult in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested 1954 Tuscany.

Sine Requie: Snake Eyes is based on the award winning tabletop RPG of the same name and features a novel blend of roleplaying, survival … Read More

Apocryph – Alpha Download

Apocryph is a wonderfully brutal Hexen inspired old school shooter set in a dark fantasy world packed with secrets, hidden passages and masses of bloodthirsty demons lying in ambush.

Apocryph draws inspiration from the likes of Hexen, Painkiller, Heretic and Strife to deliver an unrelenting and ridiculously violent fantasy shooter in which your weapons can literally rip enemies to pieces. In the game you … Read More