Deep Sleep – Game Jam Build

deep sleep

Deep Sleep is an unsettling point-and-click horror game built for the 10th Annual Casual Gameplay Design Competition. The theme for the two month-long game jam was “Escape” and in Deep Sleep you’ll find yourself trapped in a horrible nightmare, desperately trying to wake up.

Calling up classic room escape games like The Crimson Room, Deep Sleep’s disturbing atmosphere lets you know right away that … Read More

Sweet Home – Game Jam Build Download

sweet home

Sweet Home is a first person horror game by Space Octopus Studios, created for the Asylum Game Jam 2015. Set in Vermont in 1971, you play as a Alex, a young boy freshly moved into a new home with his mother. While she takes a shower, it’s your job to complete the short list of chores left for you on the fridge.

Take your boxes … Read More

Carrots And Cream – Game Jam Build Download

carrots and cream

Carrots and Cream is a short and very strange game that makes the simple act of cooking into a rather dread filled and ultimately disgusting experience.

Atmosphere is everything in Carrots and Cream, the creepy audio and shaky video turn the otherwise mundane task of creating Carrots and Cream (don’t worry we’ve never heard of that particular dish either) into a tense and oddly … Read More

Letter To A Friend – Game Jam Build Download

Letter to a friend

Letter To A Friend is a freaky first person horror that draws inspiration from old silent movies and analogue recordings to create a short, surreal and very scary experience.

In Letter To A Friend you are recounting the strange events that occurred late one night at a train station while you were waiting for the train.  As the narrative progresses, a sinister looking stranger appears … Read More

Pavor Nocturnus – Game Jam Build

Pavor Nocturnus

Pavor Nocturnus, a game made for the Asylum Jam, is short and sinister tale in which you try to figure out where your girlfriend and your dog have gone.

It’s a normal day – well, accept your girlfriend Sal did not wake you up. You explore the house, examining photos and screensavers, noting how pretty Sal is. Then, things change when you find your … Read More